Texas roll call

Does anybody know a good machine shop in the north DFW area? I may need some cylinder work shortly. And possibly some custom mounts for my carbs.
Arlington Automotive Machine did good cylinder work for me. They were decently priced and had a good turn around. Not sure if they'd take on custom mounts for carbs but you could always ask.

511 East Main Street
Arlington, TX 76010-1229
(817) 261-9022
based on a tip from a friend of mine at the local sport bike shop I hauled the carbs and manifolds to Big D Cycle. They seemed a little reluctant to be working on Japanese stuff but they gave me a fair quote. We shall see how it turns out. Thanks for the tip on the shop in Arlington.
North Dallas (Plano) here. My classic cafe build is still in buckets, but I have lots of other rides. ;)
North Dallas here... (Richardson). CB550 still all over the floor in the garage. waiting for piston rings and gaskets!
I am in Euless with 5 Honda 175s; 2 CBs, 2 CLs, 1 SL. Almost all are in parts, working on one of the CBs at the moment.
North-central Austin here. Got a lot of Austin folk.

What about valve and cylinder machine work in Austin? I am waiting for Revival to be able to do it, which is about a month. Otherwise i've only been told Zabor's. What you austinites know?
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