Texas roll call

CrescentSon said:
Where about gnomer. I spent a while in the Victoria area, Shiner in particular.
I went to college with a couple of good ol boys from shiner...great little town...little.
I'm a temporary Texas member. I'm down here through May 2012 for work and finally bought my first bike - 2007 Nighthawk 250. I've had my license for at 4 years, but no place or time for a bike.

I'm living in Hutto, just northeast of Austin.
North austin here...Pflugerville actually. Making some progress on my cb360 build.

build thread: http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=33089.msg357440#msg357440
Hey all I'm still working on the patch. I thought I was going to have time while I was in CT but work was more intense than expected. This week is looking light so I'll get back on it.
MrBillohnooo said:
I am in Amarillo

Hey I'm in AMA too. Glad to see someone else here likes the cafes too.. Mill be on a black 07 thrux. Only one in town I would guess. I saw a guy on a black bonni the other day. Wasn't you was it?

New to El Paso and new to the website... picked up a 75 cb550 in Durango and cant wait to get started :)
Mansfield. (Hanging onto the bottom of Arlington)

I got a 72 CB 350, 68 CL350 and a 71?-CL350. (All of which aren't exactly streetworthy just yet.)

But I gotta find some Cafe People in this town.
PM me if you're in the area. (I do have a nice 97 ZX6R Ninja that will get me places in the mean time. :))
SW Arlington - Will finally have the cb360 on the road this weekend (need the rain to stop)
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