The adventure begins.

well it runs pretty well. Without the airbox on it, I had to run it with the choke on a little bit, but it revs nicely! I emailed Dime City a question about which jets work with pods last night and hopefully they have a baseline of where to start.

I am thinking a set of reverse megaphone slip-ons would be nice with a set of pod filters and carbs re-jetted. I have an issue with the front brake line that I have to get sorted. Probably just going to order a new line (the bike is 30 years old)

Other than that the kids are stoked to hear it run and rev up. Their carb cleaning did wonders!
The guys assessing the bike.

getting down to ripping pieces off.

right after we got the carbs cleaned and got the bike running.

cuttin some unneeded metal!

Hey, gimme that thing! I want to cut!
Thats really cool gettin the next generation involved . Cant wait to see it done . When it is done what are you gonna do with it ?
Lots of turns. What else would you do with it? ;D

Thanks by the way. The student in the first pic with the sawzall is actually building a bobber with his dad.
I know... I am keeping options open. I may have to sell my Guzzi. This bike may be pretty fun to ride so who knows. We will see what the finances allow. I took a pretty big hit last year with my VW project.
Should I continue this thread here or put a "Build Thread" together on one of the other boards?

I have a couple of questions about relocation and elimination.
So I am trying to "clean up the cockpit" of this thing. I am thinking of relocating the ignition switch under the seat etc. along the lines of this...

or in this general area...

I checked for clearance with the key in it and it will be fine. Any suggestions or thoughts that I hadn't considered?

also, I am looking at moving the fuse panel that is integrated into the bar clamps. Am I going to have to machine a set of clamps or is there a place to get the top portion of the clamps?
Cut the center out of that clamp, making two seperate top clamps if that makes sense. Replace those shitty glass fuses with blade type. You can buy a new fuse block cheap at Auto Zone. As far as the ignition, that looks like a fine spot. The only concern with having it there that I can think of would be if someone accidentally smacked the key getting on or off of the bike. Motorcycle keys are flimsy amd can break off in the switch.
Yep, I got what you are saying about the block and the fuses.

I threw a leg over a couple of times with different ignition locations and this one seemed to be pretty good (or the best of the options). I am thinking that if I recess it slightly within the center of that tab, the key won't stick out far. Do you have a different suggestion?
It is possible I could move it in front of that down tube and tucked under the tank. I was just worried about crowding the pod filters I want to put on, other electrical parts I was relocating up under there and the angle of the electrical connections in the back of the ignition. But I think I probably could move it. I am going to fab up a mounting fixture for it and then I can move it around and figure out where I mount it.
just did a couple of tests and it is a bit cramped between the down tube and the carbs/head.

So unless there is someplace that I am not thinking about, I think in the spot in the picture or In front/under the tank. I am not real fond of that because of road dirt and water etc.
Any other placement suggestions?
Why not ditch it entirely? Run a toggle switch instead. Hide it somewhere. My old XS chop was just two toggle switches. One for ignition and one to turn the lights on after I started the bike.
I guess I could do that! Hadn't thought about it. I guess a key only keeps out an honest person!

Did you need to run the switch through a relay or just run the witch? The ignition isn't really firing anything right? It is the push button that is taking the load for the starter!?!
Correct. But... The keyed switch is a 3 postion. On, off and accessory. You can get a 3 postion toggle, but I just ran two switches. If that makes sense. Ha...
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