The adventure begins.

Sorry guys. It's been a rough couple of weeks which had my mind in other places. We have been making little bits of progress (things that don't cost money) but no big moves yet. I am waiting for reimbursement for T-shirts I printed for a couple of school clubs, and as soon as I get that money back, I can make a couple of purchases that will help this project move along.

I will take a few pictures of the things we have been working on when I get a chance.
OK, a new year, some new challenges but a few carryover students. I am working on this project with them from time to time. I am getting ready to make a few purchases and getting ready to start some more simple fab stuff...

I have a few opinions etc to ask:
1. I have seen Ignition switch relocation on the downtube close to the front of the cyl. There isn't a lot of space to put that original in that location (THAT THING IS HUMONGOUS) but if I relocate it under the seat pan that is a bit of wire relocation etc. I would like to keep a keyed ignition in this, would you pick up a new ignition switch (DCC has them relatively cheap that are much smaller)

2. Exhaust is on the list and I have been looking at the DCC 17" shorty reverse cone mufflers

any experience with these? I read the reviews and they may be a bit on the loud side but the 26" reverse cone's maybe a bit too long looking! something in the middle like a 22-24" reverse cone may be good but there isn't anything cheap in that style and size. I may go with the megaphone style 24" I will have to do a little photoshop to see the likeness before throwing money at them.

3. as for headlights and gauges, DCC has a bunch to chose from... any of them I should look at or any I should stay away from?

Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to the suggestions and will use that as motivation!
sasquach said:
Was wondering if you where still doing this when I rode past you house the other day

Did you see my Vanagon out front? I made road pizza out of a deer with the front bumper of my wife's car and that meant the Vanagon came out of its slumber and was put into full time service while the car is being fixed.

Yep, I ran out of funds and time last year (as happens with these projects) but we are trying to get back on track and I have a few students interested in the project so we are going to get working on it again.

Hope things are well with you!
Thanks guys, I have been slowly building momentum.

Looking at those Comstar wheels has me trying to figure out which direction do I want to go. They are in great shape stock, but I like the all black look. I could spray them, powder them or just leave them. I think if I am going through the process, I may as well clean them up and change them somehow.

Is there anyone (fab shop) in the (Greater Pittsburgh) area with a tubing bender you would send me to in order to have a rear tail hoop bent up? Our tubing bender here sucks and 2 local fab shops don't have benders (only ring rollers). I could go back to where I used to build go-cart frames and bend one up, or order it off of the classifieds here if no-one has a suggestion.
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