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Brodie said:
I usually try to avoid political posts but for the life of me I cannot understand what compelled these people to commit such atrocities. As a self proclaimed punk, take that as you will, I believe it is every person's right to believe what that wish so long as it does not impede upon other's lives.

Why people would commit to destroying the lives of not only people within their community but the family of these people as well is beyond me.

If everyone upon the earth could just grow up and realise that we are all the same in the beginning and it is only our social, cultural and economic differences that affects who we become we might actually get somewhere as a species rather than in-fighting due to different beliefs causing immense restrictions upon our development and causing unnecessary violence.

/End inebriated rant.

It's fucking heartbreaking. But rhetoric from above has normalized outgroup violence in regular people. I'm guessing you've heard Fraser Anning's response.


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I grabbed a beer after work and Fox News was on. They repeatedly brought up socialist Bernie Sanders and "Socialist China" as a comparison. LOL
If you take golf seriously don't read this:



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https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-jobless-claims-hold-steady-at-the-end-of-april-11556800520 I remember when Obama had a high job count, the Fox Political Party, AKA Hannity, would deduct the jobless claims from the new jobs. So in reality, April only added 33,000 jobs, not 263,000.
North Korea tested two more missiles yesterday. Crazy to think that just a few months ago people were giving Trump credit for defusing tensions on the Korean peninsula when it was pretty obvious he was in over his head, diplomatically. He got played.
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