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I have an idea cooking for my 'Ace' and to that end I am looking for a front hub from a CG125ES.

This is the model with disc brake that appears to have been released in 2004 for the English and European markets. I don't think this model made it to Australia.

If anyone can point me toward purchasing one of these hubs, new or used, I would be most pleased!

lariviere said:
also want to share this with you:

This is by far the best and most inspiring cg build I have ever seen!
Great work lariviere. I will be getting an exhaust custom made for my ace. Do you know if the shape of the pipe on the rc is a cosmetic choice or whether it offers some power advantage over the more usual two ninety degree bend CG pipes?

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Son of a Gun said:
What you planning to do to the Ace Crazy?

Nothing dramatic planned.

Trying to organise a set of alloy rims - any reduction in unsprung weight on a bike this light has got to be a good thing!

the cg is not my bike
stoker crazy i just brought the whell:
do you think it will fit to the ace ?
i plan to buy honda genuine brake disk too and why not the calipper.
at the end i'll try to replace most part of the ace with genuine honda part.
the graal will be to fit a honda cg engine.
lariviere said:
do you think it will fit to the ace ?

The advertisement says the rim is 18 x 1.6; the 'Ace' front is 18 x 1.4 and the 'Ace' rear rim is 18 x 1.6.

The 18 x 1.6 rim will take an 18 x 3.00 tyre but this size tyre will not fit the front mudguard and handling would probably be adversely affected.

I don't know that fitting a Honda CG motor would be a great benefit. I think that the 'Ace' motor has different mounting points to the Honda CG and the Chinese motor has a balance shaft which, as far as I know, even the later model Hondas didn't have. From what I have seen of the interior of the 'Ace' motor the quality appears to be quite satisfactory.

and for the brake disk and caliper?
do you think the skyteam one are the same as that:


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had a set back today of huge proportions...was cleaning bike at the car wash and knocked over my bike...but no damage to bike...but caught it and broke my arm in the process,


not in pain, but am incapacitated four 4 weeks at a cast .
can you believe my bad luck.

anyway this will make my prep for speed week hard..

thankyou to the nice couple that drove me home..i don't even know your names. They even got my bike home for me. thank you thank you thank you.

hope you do get an ace and i will help you with any mods if you do

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