The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

There have been a couple of photographers lurking in the RNP in recent weeks.

One of them managed to capture the 'Ace' in full flight (he must have used a very high shutter speed!):


Contacted a second photographer from The Royal, and he had more photos of the 'Ace'.

These two are from the 10th of January:



Has anyone got photos of their 'Ace' in action?

What fantastic shots! Thanks for sharing Crazy, it's great to have someone leading the charge and encouraging others to become such enthusiasts. I will try get out there when I have some time and grab a few photo's myself on my Ace
Good idea of yours Crazy, maybe start a new thread called something like "Ace's in motion"
Just a thought.
Last Saturday was perfect for riding, so ACEitup and I headed for Kangaroo Valley via The Royal and Macquarie Pass!

ACEitup's 'Ace' is off the road in order to replace the cush drive and spokes (he rides it hard).

So he rode his 'Ace' wannabee instead:


It's the one on the left.

150 cc. See spreadsheet for mods. I'm happy with it even though oo racing got a bit more out of theirs

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33% increase from stock . happy enough. rides great worth the expense of the dyno tune. think i might have to get to putting a reverse cone muffler on it and see if i get more gains. my exhaust is better than stock by miles but oo racing have better results with similar stuff except for exhaust.
starting to run out of time top make many more changes before land speed attempt. sometimes think i am a bit mad running such a small bike but the suss boys did it last year . two australian records on sky team bikes will look impressive. mine has to run in 175 class as not one for 150cc
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