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Muffler change might help marginally, but I think the pipe itself is a possibility for real gains. After doing the figures I went for 7/8" ID pipe and it gave me the biggest power gain yet (apart from the increase to 150cc, of course).

Have you read Sonreir's thread on exhaust design? Really useful stuff.

As for OO Racing dyno numbers - comparisons between readings on different dynos, in different countries, don't mean much. Even different operators can get different results.

Ah well I'll take some exhaust parts with me anyway. Pretty happy with the ride. A/f mix looks good across whole rev range. Richens up just over 9000. But I like that

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Sounds great, best of luck setting a new record! Be sure to post some pictures if you can. I still have the Suus bike as my desktop background :p I'd be good to have another picture to swap them around occasionally!
Just out of interest, what's the LSR for the Ace, and what rules are there, mods etc? and where care you running bit?
lsr is in my case not been set yet. standard ace would in its true form be in production pushrod 125cc.
mine is in motor class 204(175cc) modified pushrod gas class.this is because it is not in a production state modified motor (150cc different carb .parts on frame changed etc.
I am a member of the dry lake racers association (australia)and speedweek is held on a salt lake in middle of southern australia annually. This will be my second year at speedweek as i helped in the pits last year with the lads from SUUS(50cc ace) . please feel welcome to look at the DLRA web site . it has much more info than i could give you. this has quickly become my favorite week of the year. a lot of prep has gone into setup of my bike ,but is not that much better or modified to the point of no return.. all mods on bike are documented here in this group. my bike has a documented speed on the dyno of 121kmph in 4th gear at around 10500 rpm. estimated top speed with gearing on bike at present is 145kmph. i have gearing to try that at top revs would get me well past 160kmph. this all depends on track and wind resistance. i would be happy to achieve 135- 140 kmph in the real world. lets face it , that is still really fast for a little bike. last year there was a honda cub(ct110)postie bike that did 111 mph(???175-180 kmph) but that was blown(turbo) and a yamaha 80cc streamliner doing 100mph plus runs.
btw power figures given in factory book are flywheel figures and need to be divided by 1.33 to get to close enough to rear wheel figures. my flywheel hp would be close to 13 hp
A review, lots of pictures and a video of the Japanese Snakemotors Ace "250" well actually 223cc


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And google's translation of the written review:

Origin of the "77" is what you have good luck with lined two lucky number, it is felt playful in from naming in that.

Styling is something you have the image of a GP racer of the 1960s. Elegant full cowl and steel long tank with rounded, twin shock to a single sheet, such as a tube tire narrow to wire spoke wheels of the front and rear 18 inches, from the overall silhouette up to the detail, the golden rule of classic racer can be said to be faithfully reproduced. Tint also something reminiscent of Honda RC series and MV Agusta factory machine at the time. Moreover, something not a custom car that the existing model to base, he is this a complete original model.

Snake Motors 77 photos of the body structure is simple, it is equipped with air-cooled single-cylinder engine OHC223cc of cab specification to the original steel frame, to which combine upright fork and Kayaba made twin shock. Brake contemporary single disc +2 pot calipers in front, such as equipped with a drum type rear, optimizing Given the total balance. You can enjoy the time of atmosphere, and has finished in the classic racer replica.

In addition, so-called knee-go class called that, such as high-speed roads there is no need can travel and vehicle inspection, and can also outing by taking advantage of the mobility as a bike, maintenance cost is also cheaper point would also be benefits. Scarcity value that year limited production 100 units also appealing.
Video "friendly bike Commentary: Snake Motors 77" is here
Snake Motors 77 test drive impressions

A light and gentle ride of STD
I want to enjoy the fashion sense

It is a design that snake Motors 77 photo nostalgia is welling. Of course, it is not a generation know the 60s realistic, come to feel like was time slip to the era when before the "77" in the eye. Now cry is full cowl and steel flat long tank of retro that seems to be not making much in custom manufacturer. Although it comes to 250cc class in quantitative exhaust, There is also the fact that a single-cylinder, it's pretty compact. Recent "Nigo" you are large in size, especially but popular sport model has become design edgy to appeal to performance, the point "77" is slender totally rounded delicate. He fresh in its feel is reverse.

Snake Motors 77 to try across photos and is surprised to body slim. In like old moped sports model par, enough to become inner thigh when you knee grip. And lighter. Raipoji Although somewhat become behind ride, I think otherwise is surprisingly common feeling, handle position in spite of Sepahan also started increasing, and the ride to relax.

The air cooling of 223cc single-cylinder engine, in the carburetor specifications became uncommon now, gentle racing features. When the engine speed up cab inhale a lot of air, with the feeling that power comes out, this time lag is quite fun. It seems single cylinder beat feeling there but Tokotoko feeling in lighter, ran's smooth. Compared with K-16 of the same snake Motors, indeed exhaust amount because vial nearby acceleration also has a sharp, it is possible to lead the flow of sufficient car even in town.

Snake Motors 77 photos snake Motors 77 photo handling a nimble, to run and breeze through the town by taking advantage of the lightweight slim body. 18 inches of spoke wheels front and rear, coupled with the fork offset taken in a large, how luck of the steering angle but gentle, crosscut also a light because the tire is fine. Corner also quite even bank angle Shi turn an ordinary, except that ran like jumping into the corner by increasing the pace as 250 sport bike of vogue now it can be said that weak. Minute engine output is modest, even suspension and brakes will no doubt if I think moderate performance. "77" is's a fashion bike last to enjoy the atmosphere of the classic racer.

If you think to try custom yourself to the same specifications as this something of bike to base, it would be hard. I think I think about it price also's a affordable, what can you get the bike life with "dream" than the thing nice.
I don't care if they are an average powered looks the bomb. and just bet it is wonderful through the hilly twisty bits
I agree. I really want that fairing on my bike. Silver and black though. Have asked Snake whether available. Probably too heavy and too far to ship. :-(
Ex hospital bed, new hoist. Height 450mm to 750mm. NZ$80 on TradeMe, our local NZ auction site. :) :) :)

Tie downs almost cost as much as the bed!

What you see, is what I got, just had to unclip the sides and unbolt the bed head and foot. I was lucky this one had no springs and the holes for the tie downs were in the right spots.


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Hey 2b, Just looked at your build thread, Looks like we are looking to do fairly similar things! Like the gear choice, I myself got Monza Jacket( a bell helmet (, Draggin, next gen jeans (they're fantastic btw, surprisingly comfortable!) and some Corazzo gloves (

I figured since I own the bike I might as well look the part hahaha
Ps. That hospital bed idea is genius! Really wish I had a a garage, I would shove the bed in my living room if I could get one, but I think my partner may never forgive me :p
Great looking gear Son of a Gun. I'd have gone for all of that if I had found it when I was looking. Must keep an eye on that website in future.
Cheers, 2b. the Mikuni carb and the rear EBC brake makes a BIG difference too. I myself am hoping to get either some new shocks ( or finally get some clip ons ( by the end of the month. Got some great grips, switches and a throttle from Dime City Cycles and staring at them all day is just frustrating me now.
I am frustrated staring at my new speedo, headlight and indicators. Keep talking about it, really need to get on with it, move the ignition and fit them. Especially now I can get the bike to a handy height that doesn't bother my bad back. I think it will really tidy up the front.


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Had similar plans myself, but was gonna get the speedo in white :p ( Have little experience with all the electrics which is kind of daunting me at the moment, especially since I would have to move the ignition. But I agree, a larger headlight and a tidy front would be a great addition to this bike. I want to tint he headlight I get though, ( I hope it works...
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