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waketrip said:
Hope this helps!!

Your information on tyre/rim sizes is a big help!

I'll definitely be using a 1.6 front and a 1.85 rear. As you say, no problem on the back and the front can be sorted several different ways.

I was aware (somewhat) of the recent history of Borrani but wasn't aware that they made two different quality rims. The Record 11 would be the way to go for my purposes as some of the best rider's roads around here have a pothole or three.

That said, my thoughts are heading towards getting rims from Morad, as they seem to be more available here in Oz.
The Morad TS rims are similar to the Borrani but the TC rims are more robust (and easier to keep clean!)



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The 1.6 is the right size for 2.75; 1.4 is too small.

As waketrip said there will probably be clearance problems with the front guard, but a solution should not be too difficult.

stroker crazy said:
That said, my thoughts are heading towards getting rims from Morad, as they seem to be more available here in Oz.
The Morad TS rims are similar to the Borrani but the TC rims are more robust (and easier to keep clean!)


I should thank you for promoting Spanish manufacturers! We do really need it, I can tell you that much hahaha!

Jokes aside, this last weekend in Madrid, we had the biggest Fair about old motorcycles and cars, with plenty of extremely interesting exhibits. (if you like Bultacos, Ossa's, Montesas and other spanish motorcycles, like the 50 Cc's Derbi bikes legend Angel Nieto rode throughout his world championships take a look at this PHOTO GALLERY or search for ''auto classic Madrid motos 2015'' on Google.

Thing is, it also houses the biggest Swap Meet around here, and I had the chance to have in my hands a selection of newly made Morad wheels. These come stamped as Morad-Akront rims (as you know, Spanish company Morad acquired all the tooling from the now defunct Akront, yadda yadda...) and as far as I could tell, they are quite a good choice:

-The outside of the rims was nicely finished, and the inside of the rim, had an ok finish and seemed to have pretty decent drilling and the weld seemed good. it was quite light as well.
Now, mind you, I don't know what rim model (tc, ts...) I was handed and it looked like a 19' rim, but I think they will be a solid choice for the Ace.

The ironic thing with the spanish classic motorcycle scene is that it has become a slave of its own success:

Most swap meets and aftermarket parts tend to focus exclusively on off-road and street Stock parts replacements for Spanish bikes only. People buy Bultacos, Ossa's, Montesas and such for really high prices (desireable models go for 5000+ Euros, not necessarily in stellar condition) and then all they do is try to keep them as Stock and original as possible. This has therefore created a void concerning availability of aftermarket performance parts for old bikes.

You'll find tons of mediocre-but-very-nice-showroom-finish steel rims, but little to no aluminium rims, and always in specific, stock measures for specific spanish bikes.
You'll have a wide choice of classic, good-looking-and-period-correct emulsion type Betor twin shocks everywhere, but no Hagons,YSS, Gazi, or Ikon gas-piston performance shocks.
The listing for other parts goes on and on like this ''ad nauseam''.

This is why I'm sourcing most of my stuff for the ace from MotocicliVeloci in Italy and overseas. Chances are you'll find a wider selection of Morad rims from Australian distributors than from Spanish ones ;D

Personally I'd have gone for Morad rims for the Ace (After all, it ain't no Ducati single), but given I'm already making an order from them, I might as well have a pair of them Borranis just out of curiosity.
got my oil cooler and pressure gauge fitted just in time for the weekend.
had new hoses made up as i didnt trust the chinese rubber , now rated to 150 deg Celsius and 3000psi !


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stroker crazy said:
3000 psi should handle it!

Looks great and the gauge is a good idea.

thanks Crazy, the gauge was something i really wanted to put on the bike but the biggest issue was finding the adapter bolt i needed for the banjo. thank the gods for the fast fours rev heads and there upgrades :D
i managed to work out that a late model honda civic under hood fuel pressure gauge adaptor was what i needed :D
I struggle to get the bolts on the seat lined up to avoid cross threading. Without the seat in place, bolts screw in and out cleanly, with the seat in place, no matter how hard I push down on the seat, the bottom of the slot puts upwards pressure on the bottom of the bolt. I have already cross threaded one through inattention and had to tap it to tidy it up.

Either the rubbers are too thick, the holes are too low or the slot the bolt sits in is too short on my Ace. I plan to take a file to the rubbers, seems to be the easiest option.

Any one else had this?
stroker crazy said:
I just press down on the seat with one hand while tightening the bolt with the other.


I can lean almost my whole weight on the seat and it is barely enough. Seems the tolerances are out somewhere on mine, shouldn't be that tough.
Even sitting on it still leaves the slot pushing on the bolt!

I will head down to Para Rubber and see if they can use a hot slicer to take a chunk off. Filing wasn't enough.
Did you put your battery under the hump? You might be pushing against it. I know my battery is a tight fit and I had the same problem with the bolts because of that.
No battery not under the hump. Should be nothing to get in the way. If I try to put the seat on without the rubbers in goes on just fine.
what about just filing the holes in the brackets a bit bigger and use some flat washers on the bolts to hold it in place
Mmm, in mine I've always had to push the seat down slightly in order to screw the bolts completely straightforward, specially the left one, but it's always been the lightest of touches, like with just a thumb. Maybe the rubber flanges on yours are swollen or a little out of spec, they definitely do not look like they were cut with high precision laser machinery lol.
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