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I've always liked the look of twin 60's peashooter style
I'm aware that it does nothing in terms of performance, apart from the obvious gains from no restrictions the stock one has
The twin is purely asthetic, and seeing as I'm planning on putting a non stock motor I thought I might as well get it the way I want it from the start
I just like the idea of seeing the two ports from the rear, it also doesn't look like too much of a problem to fit as the frame appears pretty symmetrical, the nearside down pipe might have to be custom, it's all a learning curve for me
I hope you can see my ambitious vision of a modern reliable easy to maintain Classic Manx racer

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The OEM header pipe is none too good, plus it has the CAT to deal with. It might be as well to have two mirror-image headers made.

I thought about buying the offside one from 00 racing and getting a mirror of that one made
It depends upon the cost at the time
My plan is to get everything together bit by bit and go for one bash at breaking the bike down and rebuild in the hope of doing a sort of time lapse thing
I like the black Frame version of the ACE but they are quite rare in the UK and I doubt that a second hand one will pop up for a few years yet
So I will get a friend to powder coat the frame of the ACE along with the wheels, the fairing I want to match the tank and seat cowl
So I end up with a hybrid of these two;

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As said, my vision is nothing special but it has been bubbling in my mind for ages, probably years

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Keep us posted with developments and if any problems arise someone in the community here can probably help with a solution.

Hi Coddex

Check out this post...

Hi Richard
Bloody hell mate, I must have read that thread when bladdered and woke up thinking that was my idea , DOH !
Thanks for the link that's just what I want but with black wheels and slightly oversized tyres
Cheers bud, that link should save hours and pounds
I love this place

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Images for 2b:

(These have already been posted, but re-posting was quicker than finding the original page!)


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A new member posted a couple of days back looking for upgrade jet sizes for his 'Ace".

Now I've found the sizes but can't find the post!

This spreadsheet?
Make your presence felt on the forum!

Get over to the BOTM thread and vote for one of the magnificent machines in this month's competition:

They might not have the charm of an 'Ace' but they are well worth a look.

Hey everyone, just a quick update to my issue, it's all sorted was a simple mistake of not putting the choke back on right but now she's running beautifully and now I've put on a new front sprocket as well to increase the top speed.


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Skyteam chain lifespan

Hi team,

Looking for feedback on what the expected lifespan of a chain is.

I'm just about to replace the OEM @ 10000kms

Front is 17t (2t up) and rear is standard 38t (OEM) and both are in good nick.
Re: Skyteam chain lifespan

Sneikz said:
Looking for feedback on what the expected lifespan of a chain is.

Can't help on that! Replaced mine at about 4500k because I bought an o-ring chain at a good price,

The OEM chain had very little wear.

On line review...
"I was a little skeptical at first…, however I was pleasantly surprised and I can honestly say I had a lot of fun!"

The irresistible 'Ace' wins another fan!

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