Ugly Punx XV1100


Gold Coast, Queensland
A little bit of epoxy paint goes a long way.

I am 90% done with the rear end, just need the tool roll to go behind the seat and it should be set.

Also made a mount for the TCIP4 out of some alloy and double sided tape. Mounts to the stock point and the com cable is accessible from the side. Not overly happy with how close it is to the reg/rec but it should be ok.



Gold Coast, Queensland
Well the new clutch works a whole lot better. Little bit of fun with the back end stepping out when accelerating out of a corner a bit quick.

Can't wait to sort out the exhaust and see what she can really do.


Gold Coast, Queensland
The carb to airbox adaptors arrived today. They are a simple stepped bit of alloy tube. Interference fit over the carb and extends 20mm out from the end. They help the stock air system fit well. Pictures soon.

I also have the new front cam cover with breather to replace the rear one but it did not come with a hose fitting. I will have one spun up at work once I am back.


Gold Coast, Queensland
All good. Uni tests are way more important.
How are the new advance springs for the XS holding up?


Sweet. Pinging is gone, now all I have to do is find some time to build a new exhaust and then tweak the carbs to suit.

I'll be back in my workshop later today and I have a USB stick with me.

Oh and, there's some updates (!!) coming next week with regards to the new engine.

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