What did you build this week?

I started on a new shelf to replace the workbench I was using to store crap on. I figured what is the point in having 2 benches when both are cover in tools.
So here is the first section of my new shelf/bench combo. New bench yet to come.

The shelf section was built to house the mower under. The first shelf is just tall enough to fit the disk/belt sander under. The second shelf will be full of bike parts once I buy the trays. Unsure what to use the top section for so helmets it is for now.
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Built out a cabinet to house the deck TV (and mounted the TV), and hung a "functional art" tailgate on the wall.


I framed out the tailgate so it can be used as a shelf when we entertain. Still need to do some finish painting on both, and install the drops for power, but pretty much done.

I also chopped out a quick King Size Jenga and base.
Well it sure took longer than a week, but I finally finished the new cabinets for the kitchen remodel. When we bought the place, the refrigerator was where the stove and otr microwave is on a bare wall with no cabinets whatsoever. The ones over the sink were also in poor shape, so they were replaced as well. These started as stock unfinished Oak cabinets. 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint later, I've decided that I'll never buy unfinished cabinets again. Also finished up the new crown molding and trim (which was a treat considering NOTHING is level, plum or square on a house built in 1908 lol. Still gotta re finish the original base cabinets under tire sink. Then counter tops. Then another tile backsplash behind the stove, then wallpaper, then floor..... and the list goes on.



I finished rebuilding the cb750f motor, had a test fire with no exhaust and then today a first test ride!

its running really well so am chuffed ss this was my first 16v/dohc rebuild


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Nice! Nothing like that first start after a rebuild!

Some jackass stole my old sign at work so I made a new one:
Cut the blade out and then put another piece behind it so it's got some depth.
Copper patina on both pieces.
Sharpen the teeth on that one, that way the next thief will leave a finger behind that you can pull a print from ;)
bike work paused while parts come in and weather improves for paint. So I did this for the littlest person in the house. Was mine as a kid, then her brothers, now all painted up pretty for the princess.

Small non-riding project in the shop today. We replaced the TV in the living room w/ a smart TV a while back. The one we replaced still works fine and we really didn't want to just give it away. I had a perfectly sized spot of wall in the shop so it found a new home.

I took down the little 19":


And replaced it w/ a 42":


It's a little excessive, I guess, but what the heck. Old movies, Star Trek, motorsports, MotorTrend TV, all just background noise and some welcome time away from Mrs Ridesolo's taste in TV fare.
Not a full build, just a mod to continue to make the $400 5x8 enclosed trailer better for hauling and loading bikes. For whatever reason, the door from the factory was only about 47" tall, making it a real chore to squeeze bikes in, and there was a foot between the bottom of the door frame and the ceiling. It often took turning the bars down etc. And ended with several busted knuckles and thumped noggins.

I cut the frame out, made and welded in a new one, then dad helped me cut and form an aluminum panel to extend the door up to the new frame. It gained me about 7.5" which will make loading bikes significantly noggin.





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