What's your trade?

Motorcycle Design Engineer- currently making electric bikes and 500cc choppers/bobbers/scramblers/cafes

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IT guy. I encrypt stuff, plumb the internet, setup firewalls, build servers, chase hackers, the whole ball of 1's and 0's. Some days I'd rather be a bartender.
Well, for 35yrs, practiced medicine as a physician assistant in a variety of settings. THe last 26yrs, served on the medical staff at our local VA hospital. THe last 12 yrs of the stint at the VA was the medical provider for a 44 bed long term care unit and alternate provider for our inpatient hospice unit.

Three years ago they told me I was old enough and had enough years of service, I could retire whenever I wanted. So, I retired.

I retired and opened a motorcycle shop (see link in sig line). Got my first bike in 1965 (and still have it!), started racing in 1966, built my first custom in 1968, a Harley hummer frame with a Triumph Tiger Cub engine. Been riding and tinkering with bikes for 50yrs now.
Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic Repairman Welder, Machinist, Drafting, and Machine Tool Repair. Currently work as Service Engineer for Doosan Machine Tools.
I have sold ATM's and teller automation to banks and credit unions. Worked for 5 years in a trucking plant that built transmissions and clutches, I managed quality control and sub assemblies. Now I am an independent sales rep who represents a few companies, one of which specializes in precision custom metal stamping, assemblies, welding, engineering, deep draw stamping, progressive dies, special tooling, metal stamping dies, metal fabricating, stainless steel stamping, 3D laser cutting, metal forming, plating, Tig welding, PEM insertion and laser cut parts.... to name a few. Also represent a company that offers solutions for in mold decorating, decals, labels, emblems, overlays and heat transfers. They provide screen, flexo, and digital printing.
I drive a tractor/trailer for Kelloggs/Keebler, making "Direct Store Deliveries" to major chain stores.
We're not technically OTR drivers, but my routes have me out overnight twice a week. I'll log about 1500mi a week.
I've been driving trucks pretty much my entire adult life. Everything from Tow Trucks, to Wells Fargo Armored, to Delivery trucks. And I've been with Keebler for 13yrs.

This is my daily driver...
when i held a real job i worked mostly as a journeyman machinist,mind you i have no experienced whatsoever on automatic tape or cnc it was always strictly manual machines mostly doing repair in the ag industry,hyrdo power plant turbine repair at the one shop we had all of PG&E's water power repair work pretty big heavy stuff like 5 foot diameter in a lathe lotsa pump work too.

was a hyrdraulics technician for a few years mostly repair and a lot of airtool and jack rebuilding

race car mechanic/fabricator done that for a cupl years for some wealthy folks that were spinning circles in modifieds.. at the same time doing some hotrod fab for them had a wharehouse sized shop to myself

worked as a natural gas technician for mobil oil in a nat gas field for a couple years .we had the big ajax singles and d-8's and even a locamotive engines on compressors.. besides the ajaxes were all diesil engines coverted to run on gas to pump up gas in order to produce and deliver line pressure to PG&E which like 650psi spooky stuff that high presure gas
we had 45 wells and something like 35 compressors it was great paying job but a rat race that i soon tired of and went back to the machine shop work at lower pay
had my own machine shop minor in welding fab and repair for a few years and my own product out in the MC industry at that time .it was aluminum handguards just like barkbusters, but my own design and at one time rocky cycle,hi point,sierra and malcom smith accesories sold handguards made by lil ole me
oh yeah i fergot about the motorcoach i worked pretty much alone in a warehouse for almost 2 years for another wealthy entity, doing the major fab and welding work on a 40' motor coach
it was a classic eagle a spent amtrack bus that he had a big detroit 6 dropped in and my job was to cut off the top half at floor level and raise it 9" i think it was this was after taking an airchisel to the 10,000+ rivets holding on the skin
at the same time made the thing 10" wider
just a lot of square tube and welding even designed put in a hydraulic powerded slideout section
after the hard stuff was done he had some others do the finish the new skin and interior i had not much interest in besides i was fired for having a route with the cunt secratery that dint like me
I'm basically an unemployed substance abuse counselor and at the age of 58 find myself back in school to to get a degree in Social Work and Human Services so that I can address the unemployed thing. It's like being a hamster on a wheel, by the time I finish this degree the industry standards will rise again and I'll probably have to go back to get a Masters.

Sometimes I drive a yellow cab in NYC at night (which is a trip in itself...remember Jim in Taxi?) or do odd handyman kind of jobs for my co-op to pay the bills while I'm still in school. This shit sucks when you're still in your 20s and sucks even more when you're close to 60 and find yourself back in square one and starting Life all over again.
Retarded..........uhhhhh.....Retired United Sates Army (20 years)

Quality Inspector in an assembly plant at the moment, just a job to help pay the bills (19 years)
Blimper/Mechanic Good Year 8 yrs --- still tinker and worked as a framing laborer/carpenter/concrete finisher/tile setter///... carpenter during winter in FL, Contractor some res most commercial 15 yrs, Warehouse Mgr 7 yrs, Logistics coordinator/Tech support Mgr. 3 yrs and now Consultant 2 yrs.

And an MX/SX/5idy track owner for while playing Bob the Builder, I owned my own dirt machines and spent all my money on them, pickup trucks, diesel and dirtbikes for my kid. Garth Brooks could write a new song hehe!!

My degree is in aerospace engineering. I have a background in aviation.
Worked for a bit as a motorcycle engineer with an electric motorcycle company.

Now I work in the robotics field.
Mix of general industry and global automotive.
Was an Architect for 11 years, my thumbprint is on a dozen or so buildings no one knows. When the economy took a dump I bounced around from firm to firm for 3 of those 11 years and ended up getting taken by a real crook in the end... for two months in our 50+ person firm the Owner/CEO/CFO didn't pay on time, kept our 401K contributions, let our medical insurance lapse while keeping our premiums, and then fled the country. I now work in IT as a consultant to corporations you've never heard of. But, when I'm not working I'm riding either my UTV, Motorcycle, or Jeep CJ7. Livin' the dream!
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