1969 cb350 project

Actually, different year 350's used different model Keihins with different jets. Here are two tables listing some of the differences.


:eek: shooo, i was about to be upset with myself. just ordered two sets of each of DCC to mess with but i covered all the numbers that your diagram shows. really helpful stuff. i try to find the threads before asking but its tough sometimes with so many. much appreciated.
I should have mentioned, your carbs should have a number stamped on the side that corresponds to the code in the 'setting mark' row in the tables above.
So DCC said they wont have my jets for a MONTH! I really wish they let people know they are out of stock BEFORE my money goes through. They are a great company though so Im trying to be understanding. I just hate waiting for parts when they are shipped but even worse waiting for them to ship! just needed to vent. Think I'll stick so ebay from now on though.
BUT on a positive note after jabbering away with some fellow 350 riders this should be my 100th post! figured i should hit the ton on my home field thread ;D
here is a question for you guys. so my friends and i went for a vintage ride the other and the worst thing that can happen to us did. my friend leading on a 70's 450 cafe was clipped by a car trying to turn right from two lanes over. crazy ass people :mad: . he was wearing a very quality leather jacket so thankfully only some sore ribs and shoulder. the question really revolves around the bike. any of you with a vintage honda ( and maybe other makes ) know that we have these BEEFY rubber foot mounts on our foot controls. after seeing this accident the only thing that kept this bike from the scrapp yard were those rubber mounts. i can contest to them as well from when a dumb broad he and ran my bike in a parking lot. SO im going the rearset way and wanted to know what is there in the line of protection. would the bike really have any with them? is there a cafe version of frame sliders? I was this close to buying a set the other day until this happend. now im back on the fence.
non folding pegs are a great help in reducing crash damage without actually putting something as in ya face as frame sliders on. you will have to replace your ground down peg, but if it keeps some other bits off the deck it's worth it! so whether they are rear set or in the regular location it's the non-folding feature you should look for...
I say go for the rear-sets. What are the chances you will get clipped by someone? If your that concerned about getting hit, you wouldn't be riding.
yeah im pretty set on them. i like the protection of those huge foot mounts but the look just isnt helping my bike. i think that accident just through off my mindset. not to mention my friend was warning me not to get them... of course he would a day after he eats it. i figure if i go down my bike is going down looking good. i have to get the folding pegs because i dont want to deal with kick start clearance issues. overall it was a dumb question but thanks for humoring me guys. ::)
finally got the jets in from DCC. they got them earlier than expected from the still devastated japan. anywho i will let you guys know what jet set up i choose as i ordered a couple pairs. looking to get the rearsets from kris here on DTT so the bike will be finished-ish for summer riding.
WOW this new jet setup has changed the whole bike. so much more response on the low end from moving down in jet size. finally not running so damn rich and no up and down idle once the bike is warm. I went with a 65main/110sec. I have the 3d stamped on my bike so all i did was get closer to the stock setting and man it has helped...


Wait for my rearsets to arrive (Already orderd!)
Install said rearsets
Cut original front fender down and paint
Paint seat pan and find better foam
Put on new white old school crips
Put honda decals on tank....

I really dont want to repaint the headlight bucket but the white was for the old tank. You think black seat pan/fender with the thin white stripe accents like tank will be enough to justify white bucket?... as well as the white tank decals
I like the looks of your new seat. I saw that you ordered it from a guy on Ebay.
Would you recommend it? Can I see more pics? How wide is it on the 350?
How did you mount it?
Well there are some pros/cons of the seat really. Personally I like it. The width is good with it just covering edge to edge of the seat opening if that makes sense. It did however take a month and a few days to get to me as he makes to order. The good about that is you can twik the measurements to what you want. Overall good quality and will take much more of a beating than the fiberglass seats. the only other con which i actually like is that it is flat. it sits right on the frame with no sides for buttons or any other covering. you will just have to get the foam and cover it unless a professional covers the actual seat. you cant bit 140 for a cafe seat these days anywhere. about to ride in an hour so dont want to take it off for pics but ill try tomorrow perhaps. but really just the basic mounting of most cafe seats.... two screws through the middle of the seat into the cross plate of the frame. right under the your butt area. hope that helps.
Whats up Dublin? Gotten your hands on the rearsets yet? I put in a big order to get the ball rolling on my project and I am stuck as to what size shocks to order since I'm running that 120 in the rear. You have any idea what size shock you have or wish you had? 365 is the biggest you can order for that bike. Most people either run a 325 or 335 I believe.
wow i think i was commenting on your post at the same time you commented on mine. dont know but i can try to figure out the size. i know they came with different sizes between the years. i did order my rear sets but they havent arrived yet. went with kris here on DTT but as soon as he completed the full 350 setup everyone wanted them so he is a little backed up. but cant beat his price anywhere. besides that just messing with carbs and trying to figure out paint options for the bike.
nah doing it myself. i will agree with the other guy on your thread that rattle can on the frame isnt the best due to scratches for how much we work on and abuse these bikes. but i dont mind that stuff. when it comes to the tank and seat cowl though... with the proper steps and time it can look damn good especially on these old bikes that had lacquer paint anyway... some folks cant even tell. my buddies have painted there own and i generally paint my own parts. i wouldnt go to a professional unless i wanted powder coat.
Re: 1969 cb350 project (ROAD TRIP NEW)

So not to exciting but figured I'd take some quick pics from today... Took about a 30 mile ride today past some beaches through some swap land and ends at a river. its pretty sweet all together. needless to say im glad i had my full face on with our bugs down south. here are some pics from the bar we meet at and then at the dead end road. not the whole crew could make it this time.


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over all a great sunday 8)


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