1977 BMW R100/7 Sarcoplasmic Cow Hellride

Im gonna need to see some more pics of the KZ tank on there
Got you covered, Doc.
Started building the subframe for my seat.


I'm hoping that you leave the Kawasaki on the tank, some of the Beemer Boys will blow a gasket. (Yeah, I know; I R one now, but I'm not a snobbish purest... yet,)
Rear fenders are sort of a struggle for me lately. I have a hard time finding exactly what I want on the market. So far, a cut up and reshaped XS fender is doing the job. I’ve shaped it to go over the frame hoop and to tuck neatly into the seat. I’ll tie it all into the frame better once I sort out how I want it to look under the seat. I also need to make some adjustments to the seat pan for a cleaner fit and finish.
I like it. Are there any thoughts as far as re routing the pipes, maybe a bit higher? With that new subframe, they are just a bit out in the middle of nowhere.

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That 750 twin tank looks good on there. Im using the same XS rear fender, one of the few OEM fenders without a weird flat spot on top.
I like it. Are there any thoughts as far as re routing the pipes, maybe a bit higher? With that new subframe, they are just a bit out in the middle of nowhere.

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There will be side covers and such, so it shouldn’t seem that way when it gets further along. I love the pipes where they are.

I added in a subframe base, which hopefully helps tie the visuals together.
A small update. The process has begun to swap to spoke rims. I’m running a Borrani rim in the rear and in good “run what ya brung” form, I wrapped it in a Shinko 700 Trail Master. I have a line on an Akront front rim to match shoulders. I’ll either run a BMW or GL1000 front hub.

I’m also mocking up a potential gauge with the light I want to run. I was expecting to run the stock gauges, but they are just hugemongous and didn’t look right with this size light. You also see a handlebar swap to a more upright Renthal.





Up next will be a post of me trying to restore the handlebar switches that were hacked up in a previous life.
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Making my own air box delete, since the market doesn’t have one that I like. I want the full profile, while the rest round out the “hump” at the back of the box. Plus, they can cost as much as $400.

Step 1: Make a plaster mold of the two halves, then cast them in solid plaster.

Molds done for the first set of masters. I’ll fill these with plaster, then carve them down to be the final masters.

Very nice Eric, I'd wondered if you were going to leave the original air box in place or make a mod.
One side carved down. One side not.


And the master put together to match the seams:


I’ll likely fill the crossover openings, but holding steady for now.
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Waiting on some graphite powder to make a mold for the air box. In the meantime, let’s build some spoke wheels. Running high shoulder rims, with a Borrani back and Akront front.

In the pic is the rear wheel complete, but the front is a 17” wheel from another build to test fit as a roller until I get the 19” rim. The TL front end with GL hub, YZF600r rotors and GS500 Tokico calipers is my favorite way to do a USD swap on vintage rides.
To make it happen, I need the hub to fit a 17mm axle. Stock GL is 15mm. I bore the hub to 47mm, since the world doesn’t make 42mm x 17mm x 14mm bearings. They do makes lots with a 47mm OD. I also have to bore the bearing retainer tube to 17mm ID and flatten out the tabs in the clips to manage the new bore.
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