1978 CB550 Pieces/Parts Hellride

Finally got it out for a ride and basically blew the clutch.

Needs heavier springs.


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my carbs like clutches for breakfast Yumm

it was a fight for you but im glad you won its a pretty bike
We all forgot about this bike. Doing some retrofit with a CB750 Dyna ignition. I machined the backing plate down to 83mm. I also opened the cam 2mm for the first 10mm where the advance weights link. Pretty simple mod.

I took a couple of inches of the inside end of the rear fender and gave it a little better angle. It just needs the corners trimmed under the seat.

It's fun once I get up to speed, but it doesn't get up to speed very well. The friction discs were shot, like totally shot, as in looking like this:

clutch disc.jpg

I replaced the friction discs, but unfortunately they polished at least two of the metal discs to the point of little friction. I can't exactly got WOT right now until some more metal discs get delivered.
Here’s another attempt at an engine for this bike. I want a kickstart, so I’m going to see what I can make of this CB500 engine I bought for $50.

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