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I managed to score a decent and unmolested R100S today. It's gonna need the gamut of maintenance stuff, carb clean/rebuild, wiring clean up and paint. It runs too poor to ride, I'm crossing my fingers that the transmission is solid. This will be the winter project... Paint will come in the spring and I'll have a long time to plan what I'm going to do.

Damn that’s a great looking bike and it’s still only on the trailer

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Psychopasta said:
Looks great just as it is ;D

Ha. It photographs better than it is... but again it won’t take nearly as much effort as the R75/7 I did a few years ago. I was scraping grease and oil off that thing for weeks with a putty knife and a bucket of kerosene. I have everything I need inbound to get it mechanically straight. (Unless I uncover something unexpected)

If it goes really well I might have to have someone else do the paint over the winter so that it’s done when spring rolls around.

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So I pulled the Bings off to prep them for rebuild.

Whoever used RTV on this float bowl can eat a bag of dicks.

Bowls are off and They are getting broken down... first set of o-rings are hard as rocks. I expect that the whole way through...

Who gets the idea that RTV is so great? I've found it all over my latest GL1000. Even clear silicone used in place of a water joint gasket, and orange high-temp just globbed-on where no seal was needed. Lots of fun to get out of bowl gasket grooves. I've found carb cleaner, a rough cotton rag, and patience the best tools for it.
Bings are rebuilt aside from having to order a new float needle and left choke cable as that snapped while removing the nut that pinched it. After that arrives I’ll get the float levels set and the carbs installed and see how it runs and check the timing. Then I’ll move on to the maintenance and clean up.

I emailed for a paint quote from the shop that painted my ‘69 Triumph. If it’s reasonable like the other paint job then I’ll just let them do it. Bonus because they can actually do the pinstripes properly. Which is something that I cannot do worth a chit.
Here’s a pic of one of the clean Bing 40 carbs mounted back up.


I’m having to replace one of the side covers as it is just too crappy to fool with fixing. I’m hoping to paint the side covers and rear fender this weekend. They are just satin black so I’m just going to use a 2k satin black spray bomb from Eastwood as those work great and saves me a ton of clean up. I’m still waiting on a paint quote for the rest of the body parts.

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Have the day off work... decided to prep the side covers for paint. The one on the left is original. The one on the right is is a nice repro I picked up from Capital Cycle.

I’m going to prep the rear fender too. It’s already cold here so I’ll have to do the spray outside and bring it in to flash between coats.


This is what I’ll be using to paint the satin black parts. It’s a great single stage 2k paint with the right satin sheen for these parts. And it’ll be tougher than what bmw used.

Hey Nate,

I know you are a God of garage painting, so how would you compare this Eastwood paint with things like VHT Epoxy paint, specifically for the mere-mortal painter?
Psychopasta said:
Hey Nate,

I know you are a God of garage painting, so how would you compare this Eastwood paint with things like VHT Epoxy paint, specifically for the mere-mortal painter?

I love VHT Epoxy paint... its my go to for chassis parts that aren't / can't get powder coated but I'd not use it on body panels.

The Eastwood stuff lays nice as nice as any of the competing 2k paint cans. I've only used their 2K stuff, my buddy did a '48 Indian Chief in the same stuff and it looks amazing.
CrabsAndCylinders said:
This is an important maintenance issue that you should attend to:


Yep, I’ve done this to a couple of airheads now... it’s pretty quick to do actually. I want to inspect the input shaft seal there too.
Side covers and rear fender curing in the warm basement .


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I got out today and did the engine and transmission fluids. Fluids looked good no metal in there. The oil plug was rusty and disgusting so I quickly sand blasted and nickel plated it...




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