'77 BMW R100S - Refresh

Looks sharp!
Thanks Tim.

Quick punch list of stuff still to do:

  • Clean Starter cover
  • Switch Horns to opposite side as they are installed in reverse
  • Replace front brakes (Inbound)
  • Replace rear brakes (Inbound)
  • Pull transmission and lube input shaft splines
  • Replace rear tire and inspect wheel splines
  • Drain and fill final drive
  • Clean up dash wiring for new gauges
  • Replace right combination switch (Replacement inbound)
  • Install sport fairing and new windshield
  • Go around with a torque wrench and anti-seize and replace as many fasteners as I can with new stainless ones
  • Replace exhaust clamps
  • New fuel lines
  • ----Before Spring Riding----
  • Make decision on switching to Electronic-Ignition
  • Final tune up
  • Final detail cleaning
  • Photo Shoot
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My new dash gauges arrived today and got a test fit in the dash. I need to modify the existing dash harness a little... it’s been hacked up a bit and I’ll need to add a ground wire jumper. I was able to pull the stickers off the old dash with a little heat and with some new adhesive, reuse them on the new dash, replacement decals are unavailable from what I gather in my searches.

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I got out and cleaned up the wiring in the headlight bucket. The fuse/connection panel was just hanging in there so I had to pull the bucket to route a couple of Screws in from behind to secure it back where it should be and I made a new harness for the fairing instruments.

Still cranking away... I got much cleaning done and a lot more bolt swapping completed. Brakes and Combination switch finally arrive Friday so I'll be able to make some crazy progress this weekend.
So the replacement switch ended up arriving today. It was functional but it was butt ugly. So I ended up cannibalizing it and along with my original switch ended up with a functional and good looking switch assembly.


I went home early from work today to start getting the sport fairing installed. I managed to get through that at a reasonable pace. Kinda tricky. Google’s your friend here.

I got my new rear tire installed and all the brakes replaced over the last few days. (And more cleaning and replacing of rusty bolts/washers/nuts). Until it gets warm enough to gas it up and run it and give it a proper tune... I guess I’m done with the refresh on this thing.


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