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I never owned a BMW but I've always loved the "S" bikes starting with the 90S. Thanks for saving this one. Also thanks for the tip on the Eastwood 2K.
Heads re-torqued? Check... Valve lash set? Check...

The Rear fender re-installled with the new paint and new fasteners.



I also removed the windshield to see if it’d polish up... it might be salvageable... I might just replace it though... it’ll probably not polish well enough for new paint and look outta place.


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Rats... that friggin' center bolt in the right head just pulled right out when i went to torque it down. Apparently it was just epoxied in. Luckily an M8 HeliCoil saved things and was able to get the valve cover torqued down. Easy fix, but annoying that some asshole didn't take the time to fix it right rather than half-assing it.
On the windshield - what is it made of? If acrylic (usually thicker and rather stiff), it should polish up nicely. If polycarbonate (thinner, flexable, tough) then it can be done, but is much harder to do well and if coated polycarb when you polish it will start to go through the coating and look bad.
pidjones said:
On the windshield - what is it made of? If acrylic (usually thicker and rather stiff), it should polish up nicely. If polycarbonate (thinner, flexable, tough) then it can be done, but is much harder to do well and if coated polycarb when you polish it will start to go through the coating and look bad.

It’s Poylcarbonate, its a factory shield and carries the Lexan brand. Not sure if it’s coated...
Most likely is. Test a corner or something unseen.
I think you are correct...
I can get a brand new clear OEM one from Bob's BMW for $150 or a Smoked one from Clearview for $150... there's another brand out there for <$90 too but they stick their stupid logo on it... need to verify that it's removable.
My decals for the side covers arrived today along with my petcock rebuild kit so I knocked those things out real quick. My new throttle cables arrive Wednesday, I’ll get those installed and get some fuel back in the tank and get a short cold assed ride in on before it gets silly cold here we’re already looking at highs in the 20’s next week.



No pics today, but I got out and installed new throttle cables last night and hooked the plumbing back up and got the bike started. The left carb, I didn't replace the float needle in like I did the right, and that was a mistake as the left carb is wanting to overfill... so I have a new float needle inbound along with new return springs for the carbs. But after doing the head re-torque and valve lash (valve lash was way too tight, airheads should have a bit of characteristic tappet clicking when adjusted properly.) The bike already sounds like it is much happier, I'll get a timing light on it as soon as I get that bowl filling issue sorted on the left carb. Hopefully in time to get a test ride in and verify the transmission and warmed up enough to get the air mix screws dialed in.

Also, I sold a like new set off YSS shocks and that funded a new set of mufflers for the R100S... The mufflers I have are pretty pitted beyond cleaning up and are cheaper replacements with ugly riveted end caps anyway... so they need to go.
Nice job so far. Can't wait to see it in paint!

I actually got my paint quote today and it was very reasonable. So I'm planning on squaring away the fuel related items above and then taking a day off from work next week-ish and get my stuff off to the painter. He just did my friend's R60/2 and it looks amazing.
After dinner tonight I got out and set the timing on this thing. Now I can work on dialing in the carbs for real once my new float needle arrives.

Fingers crossed for a short ride on Sat as we have a high of 48F. That’s probably as good as it’s gonna get until April barring a freak day. (One of many reasons to be pissed at Illinois at the moment.)

Obligatory points shot...
I got out and did some dialing in on the carbs today and found my floats to be very off... I gave them a proper adjustment and it ran much better. Enough for me to get out and drive the bike a few miles and see how the bike did on the road.

Good news: transmission shifts great, bike pulls very well and is smooth at 80+ mph. And my new mufflers arrived today too.

To do: Things are a little hard to find prefect balance at idle... I’ll have to spend some time finding the culprit in the spring when I get it ready for road tripping. There’s not much to go wrong so that should be low effort.

The front suspension is shot. I’ll be rebuilding that ASAP... I’ve already got a rebuild kit from Motobins ready to go for that

Now I need to strip the fairing, fender, seat pan, and tank off the bike so I can take them to the painter this Friday.
Put the new mufflers in today. I had to use my pipe expander to get an leak free seal but they sound great, a little smoother and deeper than what was in there.

The ugly old ones.

After that I drained the tank and took things apart to get painted.

So I took the day off work today and dropped off the parts at Morrie’s Place for paint... very cool shop in northern Illinois that’s mostly all about vintage British, H-D and Indian bikes but they dabble in everything else. Loads of vintage bikes ranging from projects to full restos and between.

Front end rebuild is still under way... they were pretty yucky on the inside.


Not a lot of pics. But the rebuild went pretty well and should really improve the ride quality... fork oil arrives tomorrow. I also have a Kat Dash LED upgrade for the speedometer housing lights inbound and will take care of that before finishing the front end assembly. One of the forks had a funked up bushing that I had to make a reamer to clean up so that the caliper eccentric would turn freely.


Got the riser clamp cleaned up and powder coated. Also have the forks mounted and oiled. I dropped the front wheel at Taurus Cycle this afternoon at lunch time for a new Avon. I’ll remount the calipers and get the brakes aligned when I get that back... hoping to have the Kat Dash tomorrow so that I can take apart and clean the speedometer housing over Thanksgiving break along with a bunch of tedious cleaning.

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