'77 BMW R100S - Refresh

My Kat Dash came in the mail today and I was able to swap out the old light board for it and get the speedometer housing cleaned up and remounted.

My new front tire got mounted and I picked it up today also.

Hmmm I don’t think that brake pads are supposed to wear quite like that... not sure how the rotor measures normal after that...

Ive seen that before on a car, the rotors were still ok but pads were no good. Cant remember what was siezed but half of the system was bad. The other ok and gave that diagnol wear.
These come with ATE rotating calipers. There's an excenter pin that must be adjusted to get the right bite. Regardless, the angle is relatively normal.
Good news... I got a call today from my painter. My body work is done and ready to pick up.
On my way home from picking up the paint work... it turned out beautiful. I’ll post pics of the rest after I get home


I got the front fender mounted up. I’m also swapping in all the bolts I can get to with stainless bolts and nuts from “The Bolt Guy” very nice and complete kit they put together.
I have managed to reassemble and install the seat pan today and get the badges reattached.


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