'83 GPz750 Resto-Mod (pic heavy)

I picked "83" as it is the model year of the bike.


Took the plunge!


With a LED flashlight for some effect.


Starting working on mounting solutions for the light but haven't got very far yet.

I'll try to keep the thread more updated in the future if I can.

Later, Doug

You are right...these things take about 3 times longer than expected or more.

I do have a few pics for updates.





And what seems to take the longest..wiring...




Later, Doug
Put the Gpz on the back burner as I was getting burnt out on re-wiring. However, I just bought some parts that may rekindle that fire.

Later, Doug
Been researching my butt off as of late with 750 Turbo upgrades and mods. Looks like I'm going to need a different C/S sprocket with less offset as the turbo and NA engine sprockets are not on the same plane from the factory. Since I plan on running a cone filter right on the turbo due to the VFR speedo drive being where the turbo airbox is plus a different than stock exhaust system, I'm going to enable race mode, add a BOV and AFPR. Luckily for my tiny budget I can mock-up the engine before buying all the add-ons. I'll probably aim for 12-13psi which according to 750turbo.com is good for 120-125whp or somewhere in there.

First I need to wrap up my the side project on my Kz1000.

Later, Doug
I forgot I made this thread but will try to keep it up to date as much as possible. I really need to read through the thread and figure out exactly what I’ve covered and where I left off.

I got tired of moving it around and got some time freed up from working on other people’s bikes so time to get back on it. I have been collecting parts since the last update and been daydreaming/scheming on how I want the final product to look like.

I had a member from another forum put in way too much work (which I greatly appreciate) shortening and threading a Triumph axle for use with a Ducati 916 rim. Both the Vfr and Triumph sprocket hub fit but the Triumph unit seems to keep the chain line straight when I have the required 3/8” offset front sprocket.



Later, Doug
Since swapping to the hybrid rear-end mashup, the caliper bracket I made to fit the Brembo caliper with the stock VFR wheel no longer works. So I found just about the smallest caliper I could and set out to remake another bracket.







Now the back of the caliper clears and the eccentric can rotate 360°.

Later, Doug
I bought a lightweight titanium Ladybird muffler several months ago to replace the heavy D&D. The Ladybird had a few dents and dings but was nowhere near the price of a new one. I ended up shortening it 5.5”. I cleaned up the cut end and now the only telling sign I did anything are mis-matched rivet styles.





Finalized the muffler mounting. Made up a simple little hanger. Only thing I may do is shorten the exhaust pipe itself to drop the muffler outlet away from the bodywork.





Later, Doug
Not sure why I hadn't seen this one before; brilliant work! Years ago I had a '85 GPz that I really enjoyed, great bike.
Thank you. It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years and it’s still not done. I keep changing my mind and parts. I guess this is why people make a thing called a “build plan”.

Later, Doug
Thank you. It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years and it’s still not done. I keep changing my mind and parts. I guess this is why people make a thing called a “build plan”.
Believe me, I understand. The Hedgehog took me at least ten years; far too long! It's funny how silly things like family, jobs, and other stuff have such an impact on something really important like bike building.
I decided that some self-torture was in order so I set about working on the wiring again. My first attempt was modifying the original harness but I abandoned that. Now I’m trying to use a Zr7S harness since it uses a newer junction/fuse box arrangement and the bikes are loosely related. I still have to modify it to adapt the Zx14 R/R, Ex650 LH switch gear, Zx12 RH switch, DFI sub-harness, custom gauges and a gear indicator. I’ll get there but it’s going to take a lot of time.



Later, Doug
I originally wanted a Stack tachometer with built-in digital speedometer function but after waiting several weeks with no delivery date available, I cancelled my order and went a slightly different direction. I bought a single function Stack tach but added on a Koso speedo unit. That meant re-laying out the gauges. I added an indicator light for the FI fault warning and a shift light (now needed with the standalone tach).





It’s quite bulky from my previous 3 gauge layout but it will serve its purpose well.

Later, Doug
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Set about finalizing the Ducati front wheel swap. Turned some 5mm mock-up caliper spacers since I’m using 320mm rotors from the Duc and not 310mm stock rotors. Ended up using a 5mm spacer to move the rotors out and 3mm shim between the fork and caliper bracket to move the calipers in. Rotors are almost perfectly centered in the calipers now. I have the wheel spacers turned up but I think one’s slightly too short and I’m worried about fork binding.





Later, Doug
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