'83 GPz750 Resto-Mod (pic heavy)

Thanks for the comments! I always seem to move much slower than I want. It’s definitely a balancing act between working on other people’s projects to fund mine and getting the time to work on mine.

I ordered up a fully custom rear shock from Daugherty Motorsports. I had the Works shock rebuilt but it’s not perfect and the reservoir line is too short. I checked with 4-5 shops and all said they would have completely disassemble the shock to replace the line. :shock: I went ahead and said screw it and ponied up for a shock setup for my riding style, bike (Vfr750), weight etc.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick back up on this project in a couple weeks.

Later, Doug
Still been too busy wrenching on other people’s bikes to do much on any of mine. But I’ve gathered a couple parts, namely a pair of newer Duc 5-spoke rims to replace the older 3-spoke versions I have now.

I also been thinking of the paint scheme all the while. I’m leaning toward a blue Zrx paint job with gold rims.


Later, Doug
I finally addressed an issue that’s been bugging me since I adapted the Zx12 Gilles rearsets to the bike: remote reservoir hose routing and mounting the reservoir. The master cylinder sits outside the side cover so the hose would have to had to a couple bends down and around the frame to behind the cover somewhere.

Until…I saw a James Compton’s Zrx. He used a Brembo master cylinder with an integral reservoir. Compton wants $160+ for a new one so I started looking around eBay. I found a used M/C from a KTM for about 2/3 the price.

Of course being a Brembo unit, the 40mm spacing is less than Nissin and Tokico items. So some 1/4x 2” flat bar was used to make a new mount.










Later, Doug
That integrated reservior is sweet, what model KTM is that off? what size is it? I like the Blue as well.
04-05 300 EXC/MXC is what the listing stated.

I’m not exactly sure the bore but similar one’s I’ve seen say 10 or 13mm. I know the bore size is usually cast into the body but where it normally is just says “04”??

Later, Doug
thanks for the info. I have a project i may use that on.
Brembo laser etches the size. 4M16+13 tells you its a 13mm bore. I think the 4M16 is the seal assembly. Every modern Brembo MC i have seen is marked this way. sometimes it will say "X" instead of "+"
Good info! I’ll be running a CR85 front caliper on the rear. I can’t remember the CR’s M/C bore but I think it was smaller than 13mm. I guess I’ll have to get it on the road and see what it feels like.

Later, Doug
Who wants to play “What’s in the case?!“

I’ll give you a hint: I believe it ranks up there with the turbocharger and SSSA on this bike.


Later, Doug
Very cool man; I am not extremely familiar with that dash unit, will it allow you to change the tune on your bike from the screen?
will it allow you to change the tune on your bike from the screen?

No, it’s only for showing readings like a normal dash. But it is highly configurable and has 4 inputs in addition to speed and RPM. It also can be set up to indicate gears based on speed, rpm, and gearing inputs.

Later, Doug
Found a cool billet goodie from a place in South Africa called ACC Billet.





I’ll be using this as a donor for the filler area as the billet piece is designed for a Slingshot tank.

I’ve been wanting a single seat and tail piece for a few years now. I found this on eBay UK and the maker/seller ships to the US. The price seemed very reasonable considering what I paid for an Airtech front fender a couple months ago. I’m going to cut off the tank and use just the side panels back.

Later, Doug
So….there was a HUGE snag with getting the Gpz body from eBay. Their Global Shipping Program wouldn’t ship the body as it was too big!!! So I got a full refund but I still wanted the body. I found the seller’s e-mail addy on another forum and went around eBay. All I can say is the seller is EXCELLENT to work with! I’m having him only mold a small portion of the tank past the side panels so I can still use my stock tank.


Later, Doug
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Man this is gonna be cool. keep after it
Thanks guys.

I’m going for a Rob Muzzy’s ‘97 Raptor meets Rob Muzzy’s ‘83 Gpz750 AMA Superbike but with some boost thrown in for good measure, sort of theme. Lol

Later, Doug
Figured it was a bit cold in the garage so maybe I should start playing with setting up my Dash2. Pulled out the laptop, downloaded the software, grabbed the dash and connector and….need a cable adapter. So apparently Race-Technology believes Serial Port connector are still the most popular cable connector. So I have a USB-to-Serial cable on order. At least I can set and save my configuration(s).




Later, Doug
Christmas came 2 months late (or maybe 10 months early) today!!! The gift wrapping is crap but it did make its way from the UK to the middle of the US…



I can’t wait to throw it on the bike to see what it looks like later today.

Later, Doug
Well, the excitement is a bit smashed. Placed it on the bike and it’s too LONG! I was under the impression it was “standard dimensions” but it’s about 4.5” longer than the stock panels. So now it looks way out of proportion. Ugh!



Thinking of sectioning the body to shorten up. I hate to do it because it wasn’t exactly an inexpensive piece and it’ll be a bit of work.

Later, Doug
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