"A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber, now with a sidecar

Nice, first pic I was like huh, then second and 3rd pic I see what you mean. Rad fenders. Swap those for cheap HF deals and keep the other for something else rad down the road.
Tried out the Bobberer + Hack this morning. 15 year-old grandson rode along as the monkey. He's about 90# heavier than Lenny and it handled the extra weight just fine.

I finished up a few odds and ends things and I'd say the hack is done, less paint. I'll run it this summer and make sure nothing needs re designed or changed then paint this fall.

I replaced the heavy wooden floor with an aluminum piece the same shape. I welded a lip up on it so I could rivet the body in its place.


Lenny "helped" me lay out the holes for the seat, mounts and seatbelt.



Mounting tabs welded to the chassis

Body riveted on and assembly completed.


We did about 20 miles, then ended at the most important of destinations. At least for a 4 year old, which is Dairy queen for some ice cream

Continued from last post as it only allowed 10 pictures


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Man, thanks y'all for the kind words. It's been a fun project so far. Lenny loves it, and often when we need to run an errand, he says he wants to take the sidecar, so that's a win for me. We've probably put a little over 200 more miles on the rig putting around back roads and running errands (and trips to all the surrounding play grounds).

Had to stop for a pic at one of my favorite places. Mid Ohio Sorts Car Course, the home of AMA vintage days.

Today I fabbed up a little muffler extension/ silencer for the bobber. I always had to keep it really easy on the throttle so it didn't bark too close to Lenny's ear, though he never said it was loud with his full face Hemet. It looks a bit goofy, but now he has a better chance of making it onto adulthood with better hearing than I have, and after the miles we've put on, i feel a bit more apt to make longer rides on highway speed 55mph roads. I need to pick up some stainless filler to make some spring retainers that I'll weld to the bottom of the cone, but it fits tight enough for now.



It cuts the sound in half, probably moreso on the "braps". I'll lose a bit of power to be sure, but it has plenty to spare lol
nice, funny how you wouldn't care about how loud it is on your own ears but no way your gonna hurt your kids ears LOL.
That doesn’t look bad..
Man, hearing loss sucks. I have occupational hearing loss, ringing and ocean sounds every day, don’t hear oven beeps and stuff, when there are two sounds at once it cancels it all out..good stuff lol
that looks like a full welded muffler so you probbaly dont know what its packed with but there is a significant difference in sound damping in what muffler is packed with. The difference between stainless wool and ceramic fiber is stark.

There's a little go pro video of a quick little loop with a go pro strapped to the hack body.
Talked to you at Barber Vintage fest Friday and than spotted you riding around with this rig Saturday. Very cool. I've been wanting to build something like this for awhile. Gonna try and steal some design from you
Talked to you at Barber Vintage fest Friday and than spotted you riding around with this rig Saturday. Very cool. I've been wanting to build something like this for awhile. Gonna try and steal some design from you
Hey man! It was good chatting with ya, and I'm glad you found this here! I'll be happy to help with your project in any way I can, though I'm just a hack with a welder and CAD, so enter at your own risk lol

Here's a thread from ADV rider that has a bunch of good conversation about a leaner on a hardtail that may be worth sifting through:

Also, when googling, add terms like:
- Flexible side car
- Flexi Sidecar
- Swivel Sidecar
- Leaning Sidecar
- Leaner Sidecar

They seem to be much more popular in Europe, so get used to google translate lol

Cheers my friend!
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