BMW R90/6.. TAT G/S Tribute

Sounds like a worth-while trip. Sorry I missed you. Was feeling less than my best (almost decided not to make the trip) but perked up a little while there. Not only lower flow of people, but less to see. I'd also have really appreciated a printed full fan guide and race program. Digital on the phone just didn't cut it, and I had to search quite a bit to find a friend's race info. Lower swap meet seemed thin, also. Did you check out the auction bikes? Nothing that made me wish that I'd brough a trailer. Didn't stay for the sale but feared they would sell for stupid money.
Pid, I completely understand. I am bummed I missed ya but more so that you were feeling ill during one of the best events in the country. It did seem like everything was a bit on the light side. I only made one loop through the lower and didn't feel a need to do a second. I did not check out the auction, as no version of my current reality would've netted me the ability to come home with one of the bikes. (I also purposefully didn't bring a trailer, and my truck has a cap on it, saving me the ability to haul big bikes).

I did demo ride a new Yamaha Tenere' T7, which may have been a mistake financially...

We'll catch up on the next one. I'm sure our paths are destined to cross eventually.
And remember, we are just 10 miles off the Rocky Top or Norris exits of I-75. Hope Lenny had a large time, too!
DANG!!!! I spent last Saturday night at a motel at the Rocky Top exit!
Ewwwh. Not many there that I would care to stay at. Rocky Top (rename your town Rocky Top and we'll build a big water/amusement park there - suckers!) does have a pretty good BBQ place - Coal Creek. Norris exit has better quality lodging by far.
...You're going to have to find one of these things for me so we can go out and terrorize the cornfields together!...
I just went through this thread again to gain some "education on all things Airhead" and came across the strangely prophetic comment from way back on Page 1 of this thread. Now that the Rockster is gone I've just gotta have something to do and another project. IF you and I check the thing out and it's good and IF I can get the guy to an agreeable price I am starting to excitedly visualize starting with this:


And going to a single seat along with a similar rack like yours:


Along w/ the S style fairing and panniers that come with it and I think I'd have a pretty good old steed to wheel around.
Back to tinkering with the old girl again. For years, this thing has always been my "put fresh gas in it and jump the battery" and go bike every spring. It hadn't gotten nearly the miles put on it the last few seasons since getting the bobber going and having the f800gs in the stable though. Life changes brought me back to it though, as the f800gs got sold. The old airhead is headed back into the main daily rider spot in the stable, and it needs a bit of love again. The carbs got pulled for a once over, as on the last ride a month or so ago it was coughing and barely made it back home (a first in the last 7 or so years of ownership, logging 20k miles or so). Upon inspection, I found some very hard rubber insulators and when ahead and ordered all new intake connections and elbows to make sure everything seals up again.

I also went ahead and made up a couple of enricher pulls to get rid of the stock setup. I didn't want to spend the money for the kits, about $65, so a few minutes on the lathe and a couple scraps of s.s. tig filler wire, and we've got a simpler setup and two less cables running to the carbs.

Along with the intake order, I went ahead and picked up the "updated" reed type crank breather to get rid of the old disc "cluck". There was a good amount of oil making its way to the carb from the old one and I'm hoping this will help alleviate some of that.

Also, realized I never posted the picture of rolling the old girl over 100k miles last year. To me, it speaks volumes of the quality of the build of these machines.


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slick solution on the choke, i thought about going with something similar on the guzzi. love this bike.
Many, many years ago I met an old man in Daytona who was a member of the BMW Owners Million Mile Club. All of the miles on the same motorcycle. The engine/trans/rear drive had been rebuilt several times but never replaced.
It is funny, to some 100k miles is impressive and to others of the BMW crowd, that is but the 1st "baby step" in the high mileage club. I'll take it though. Not alot of bikes from the mid 70's would be likely to have this much life left in them at 100k. Heck pleny of cars from the mid 70's would be clapped out as well.

Funny enough this thing is still on stock bores and has ample compression, as well as O.G. internals from what I can tell. The maintenance was all well recorded with a stack of receipts from RePsycle in Lithopolis with records up to the time that I got it. No major engine work was recorded, but only regular maintenance.
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