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That looks good. The bars, light and even the gators look "Right". Hansom young man helper too. Mine helps occasionally but not into bikes much yet and at 15 may never be, I have hope that my Daughter gets the gear head bug and helps dad, she's only 15 months though so won't know for a little while.


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Thanks! I think the final product will be pretty standard. Nothing too crazy, I really just wanted everything to be put together well. My painting skills really are lacking, however, so I’m certain it will have to be redone at some point later down the road. I’m not sweating it though. Pretty paint jobs are secondary to performance and safety at this point. I’m itching to get my frame back so I can button up the final touches. I’m actually looking forward to sorting out the electrical, taking my time, simplifying, and routing everything in an orderly fashion.
I’ve already started soldering connections for the parts I want to be serviceable like lights ignition and charging. I know the extra effort will pay off. Wheels..... I’m still beating my head on the table, but I’m going to end up building a set. I’m just going to have to do it. Switching to aluminum rims will shed a good bit of weight.
Not expecting to crush any land speed records, but I think it will be fun to ride for sure. It’s already light enough to pick up. Loosing a few more pounds wouldn’t hurt though.

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