Brat/rat first chop

At last! The tank came in. Not one update on shipping since it left port in Thailand. Airmail wasn’t available, so it literally came over on a boat...
I’m more than happy with the quality. Aluminum feels nice and thick. Seems to be sealed well. Came with an ok cap, and a pair of petcocks. Originally, I wanted a two bung dirt bike tank (aluminum). This seemed like a good route with more fuel capacity.


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Finally an update. The frame has taken quite a bit of work. The previous owner did a number with a saws all. Having to cut sections out to repair them.

Should be finished tonight.

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The red tank is being replaced by this lump of aluminum. It has a couple nit-picky fitment issues that need to be addressed, but here’s the general idea. Feeling bummed it’s finished yet, but it’s already taken this long, I might as well get it as close to right as possible

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I was wondering why you'd want to not use that excellent looking red tank. But now I get it.... Looking great. Love that seat.
The red tank is in great shape. It has a couple tiny little dents, but nothing major. I just didn’t want red, and painting...... I do not have the patience or time. I did a bit of grinding today and got the new tank and seat to fit. It’s not perfect, but it’s dang sure good enough for me. Lol
I may hit a couple more spots, but I’m satisfied enough to proceed with paint now. The only thing left is to prep and paint the frame, and the motor mounts. This will be, by far, the nicest thing I own.

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Finally got it all stripped and coated. Currently laying down filler primer. Just remembered I need to pick up tack cloth ‍♂️

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As soon as I get this stinker painted everything should fall right in place

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Went ahead and sprayed a coat to cure. I’ll see where I’m at with it tomorrow and sand the rough spots. I’m hoping I can start assembling next Monday. Still have to paint up the motor mounts, but I’ve assembled and disassembled so many times it should be a breeze

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Just got back from the beach. Got the last bit of sanding done. Wiped down with tack cloth, and sprayed a coat. First time using tack cloth, but I love it. First coat looks good. I’ve got one more day off to work on it

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