CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)

Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

Sorry, should have been more specific, it was a smoke detector/emergency lighting unit.
Going to work on the bigger stuff today, forgot to turn alarm off so it woke me at 5:00am ::)
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

I guess everyone has been busy today ;D
Spent most of day cutting up bits of metal, doesnt feel like I accomplished much but its taken all day ::)
Made most of rear light unit for the XS800 and some new chain adjuster plates, I want them tighter fit than the standard issue ones
I roughed out top piece for fork brace, (or two) 2" holesaw is a great tool for this stuff ;)
Did a little work on seat, may make a completely different one as I had an idea


Fork brace top piece or two :D
I'm going to make a second one slightly different design
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

Been cutting more bits of metal, it seems never ending.
Made some fixtures to make parts, didn't quite work as anticipated but will try again with oxy/acetelene as propane didnt get steel hot enough to form properly. :mad:
Cylinder head didnt get finished yet
Made a piece for rear brake linkage and realised it would have been much easier to weld one up in steel (I'm going to make one just to find out)
Not posting pics until its finished and fitted, its different.
can't find rear brake pedal mounting I made to weld to frame, I know its 'safe' though. ;)
The damn taillight mounting for XS800 is being a pain, it didn't look quite right so I cut it in half down center to check left and right sides.
They are now equal ::)
Got to buy more welding rods tomorrow and start putting things together.
Have no idea where spokes are, eBay seller isnt responding to email, don't even know if they have been mailed from Thailand? ???
Title should be here by Friday, loathe to do too much until I know I can title it in my name, don'tt eant to do bunch of work and have it 'stolen' off me
I have 2 running bikes and 3 in progress so I'm not in a particular rush

Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

I bought spokes from that guy in Thailand. I think there's just the one guy in Thailand doing it ::) I paid for the quicker shipping (2 weeks) and they arrived in about 2 weeks. Hang in there. they'll show up.
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

Very frustrating day.
Got up early to finish off engine and couldnt find rings (safe ::))
Painted battery tray, it doesnt look much better so I'll probably make a different one.
Garage is a bit clearer now though ;D
Found rings, still in sealed containers but one piston pin was too rusty too use so I shortened a stock CB360 one by 0.070" (the 378 has ligher pistons and pins which is why it can rev higher without breaking rod/crank)
Couldn't find base gasket so I made a new one. from gasket material (Autozone)
Didn't take pics of engine with cylinders/pistons in, not very 'exciting' (unless anyone wants to see 69mm pistons in 360 cylinder?)
Cut up some 'usefuil material' to make bar holders for new clip-on's.

This is what it looks like with holes drilled for bar and fork leg

this is one I made a few months ago, cheap Chinese mill works Ok but easy to go to far when your just 'twiddling knobs'

Hopefully tomorrow will be better day and I'll get something done
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

Hannibal Smith said:
That's a good looking clip-on! Definitely old style, and matches the bikes from the 70's

I trained as turner/machinist in early/mid 70's so I guess it fits :D
Thanks, that means something to me ;)
I've seen pics of the CNC bits you made, wish I had money and space for one (and ability to use/program it ;D)
About 24~25 hrs so far on bike, takes a long time to make stuff :-[

Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

great job on the milling. I always over turn said knobs when using one. I need more patience I suppose. And boy do I know the feeling of losing things in your own shop....oh it sucks.
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

Yep I have the same HF mill and I keep wondering when it's gonna break! So far so good though. And honestly, you turning this stuff out...at least to my untrained eye...gives me hope for my little mill.
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

crazypj said:
Would like a 'real' one but cant afford/justify $1,500~ $2,000+ for rotary table ( hell, I'd like a good/large lathe, Bridgeport and a 5 axis CNC :D)

Sounds like a Christmas wishlist. Did ur mill come from harbor freight too? I looked at one there, but I didn't know if it was worth messing with. Its been hit or miss with stuff I've bought from hf.
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

Thanks for the info. Yea never done machining before so I'd have no clue on limitations. Now I've gotta talk the wife into letting another tool in the garage to put next to welder, torches, grinders, and the couch (long story).
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

I've got a drill press thats been hiding under a drop cloth for almost a year now. 8) where there's a will, there's a way.
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

diesel450 said:
I've got a drill press thats been hiding under a drop cloth for almost a year now. 8) where there's a will, there's a way.


And I have at least 3 bikes that the wife doesn't know about....basket cases sure....but 3 bikes.
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

Best 'toy' I picked up was DRO setups for the big mill and lathe.
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

got to do a little bit, wife just wanted me to stay out of her way while cooking ;D
Rocan was asking about polishing top yoke so I did some work on mine (and bottom yoke got some 'treatment' ;))
Heres what it looked like when I started

back view showing parting line, I drilled and tapped boss for steering damper

Cut off steering lock and spent a bunch of time with angle grinder then a lot of time with files and emery cloth

Heres the back side, almost finished

Modified top yoke as well, cut of instrument mounts, can use handlebar holes with tube nuts for speedo/rev counterand possibly fit LED inside tube nut?

Showing why you cant go dirctly from 240 grit to polishing, its shiny but all the scratches are visible (wifes friends husband was impressed, until he had it explained, ooh, shiny ::))
Its got to have a lot more going over with finer emery cloth before being polished

This is the 4th one so far, 2 Suzuki, 1 Yamaha, first '360'
Lot of people may wonder why I jump around with parts and pieces so much?
I'm working on whatever part I pick up, what I feel like doing or, have some time to 'play' with.
Its all got to be done so doesnt matter where I am as long as it all comes together at the end.
I know where stuff goes and what it does so I dont have to do multiple builds and fits
I do all my bikes like this, (when I decide to work on them, ;))
so, its not an 'all out' build for me, just a 'normal' one

Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

Spokes arrived from Thailand (well, I got to pick them up from Post Office ;))
Flanged rim from eBay is going to take a lot of work, pretty corroded at base of flange.
Its fixable though.
Thinking of geting a drum brake instead of disc? (maybe both, mountings are same)
Still no title, guy says its in the mail so maybe next week?
Called about front fender Wednesday, checked this morning, guy sold it to someone else :(
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

Made a rather neat rev counter block off plug this morning.
It can be fitted without removing worm drive from cam cover.
It's on the 'dyno bike' in pic but is going to a member here.
Probably wont be making any more as I cant make them quick enough to be economically viable
Even though its a simple job, I'm not set up for production work, one off's always cost 'more'


Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

Been working double shift so cant do anything much at present, getting up 5:00am and getting home 7:15~ pm is a long day.
Still don't have title for frame I bought in October :mad:
Pic of cam and cam sprocket, cam is stock, sprocket isn't ;D
been working on XS800 more than CB378, plus, a few other things have been taking up my time. hopefully get something done this weekend (finish doubles Friday) :D
Re: Yet another CB360 ( or two?)

looking good!

custom cam sprocket or aftermarket? ;D
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