cb750 - $2k custom

money! ha
again what i like to show is how you can build bikes for hardly nothing while still making them look new and unique.......you could take several thousand dollar in parts ands and same for the bike and build something but why. i see the cafe' racer taking the same road the choppers did---lots of money,bling, far out paint etc etc ..
and thanks for the kind words- have a good one,joe@ vcycle
Jeepers! Nice work! I hear you on the Cafe's becoming really expensive. That's the reason Cafe Racer TV bugs the shit out of me. I felt like I had a cool cheap niche to work in and now all the bikes and parts are climbing up in price. I guess the good thing is that the thing I like more than bikes is figuring out how all the parts are made, which means I get to try my luck at making them. built, not bought.
the bad thing is our beloved cafe racer will suffer the same fate choppers did...not into t.v. much but i was contacted by mike seate about the show but nothing ever happened....
in my opinion some of the nicest customs (even choppers) are ones that people use simple well thought out custom made parts and paint. only problem is most people who can't or don't build real custom(not kit) bikes like the fancy bling!
i'm not putting any one down for building kit bikes either .....just don't call them customs. it's like people who change a few parts on a bike and call it a restoration..ha
have a good one- joe
i dont know man i would much rather take a off the showroom floor new bike and tear that down to the frame to build a custom than a 40 year old scoot... the new technoligy is unreal! we build everything from long raked out chops to ripped down street fighters... but from a build standpoint... give me new any day over old... but like i tell all my customers... bring it in, anything can be made cool

thing that i love about cafes and the fighter scene is $ is not always there so when things are needed they are made, not everyone has access to a mill or CNC so it is that "lets make this" attitude that i love... hell have the specialty tools we have in the shop are ones we made to get the job done... as is the saying on here, built not bought
i hear you! who doesn't like to build brand new clean untouched machines- no grease, fucked up hardware from pliers and vise grips, overtorqued ruined parts, etc etc. they do not have the old look i like and price i can afford(almost free)..plus it has become a challange to build bikes with out throwing big $$$$ at them.
i was going to try a few newer hinckley triumph cafe's but just not enough time...
Looks like someone got busy tonight! Looks good!

Could you explain the twisted wires you have going on here? You have one in the third pic with the throttle cable... I see those on a lot of BCR bikes.

Also, in regards to the earlier commentary of building old vs. new... Just to throw my hat in the ring again: Joe I agree with you on the pont that this "Can Do" attitude of true cafe builders, irrespective of $$$ available, is the best thing about working on these bikes. The same attitude can be found in any type of building, as far as I'm concerned, and that's the difference between the people I give a shit about and those who can kick rocks.
sxecafe said:
Could you explain the twisted wires you have going on here? You have one in the third pic with the throttle cable... I see those on a lot of BCR bikes.

I would imagine that the twisted wires are safety lock wires.
In most cases, there is a hole drilled in to usually a bolt head or nut. The wire is fed through the hole and swisted untill its tied to a hole or point in another screw so the nut or bolt cant loosen.

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