cb750 - $2k custom

when using the british throttle assemblies the cables are not anchored into the housing very well so i safetied the wire to the screw ..........and then the mid cable adjuster is safetied just to make sure nothing pulls out as i eliminated the close cable...
looks like a page from an a&p mechanics hand book.
i drill/ safety some items or use aircraft hardware already drilled .........looks good and i keep in practice(was a airline mechanic for 25 years)
" The ones I work on, most everything in UNF... Where do you get your parts?"
not sure what you mean.
i have a left over hardware from the airlines,i still know guys that own/work on aircraft, wipaire is about 2 minutes from the shop and they help me out with hardware or i buy them from ebay,aircraft spruce,etc...
most of the safetied hardware on the bikes has been hand drilled...
i hope that answers the question g/r........joe@ vcycle
I ment that I work on F18's. Most of the thread pitches are UNF/ Unified Fine Thread. My bike is not any of that.

I was thinking about drilling my new hex bolts to suit.
most all aircraft from general aviation to military is fine thread......except jackscrews! ha......
airbus spec'd some metric hardware for their components and some is drilled for safety wire but i drill or make lock tabs for the metric hardware i use..
when i use aircraft hardware i drill/ tap to sae or add nuts...joe

master cylinder resevoir - made from al tubing.lower cap uses a sealing oring. still need to make the fittings for the m/c and resevoir.....joe

m/c replacement fitting(replaces plastic elbow) after high temp silver soldering......

mirror befor bar end mount bracket/hardware which i have not decided on yet...

needed a clamp and could not find anything that small so i made it out of a sheet of s/s and a 2/56 screw/nut...polished up and mounted...sorry for the lousy photo.

had to rewire switch since someone cut the harness. also cleaned,removed corrosion from clip etc to make it look new...

mirror done....would have liked the link to be smaller but it was right off a spare rear master cylinder and only had to be counter sunk for the screw....the nut was a small wrenching aircraft nut machined down and pressed into the hole for a lower profile...enough arts and crafts for a while i need to weld up seat/oil tank and get the wiring figured out and harness made.............joe@ vcycle
did you spin that master on the layth or make it in a the mill? either way i FN love it! would be interestedin them if you make to sell
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