Dirtbag Oil-Boiler

Very close to trimming and welding these pieces. I got the top fender figured out as well. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel




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Geez, if I had the patience.. I dig your work process. I also hope you are serious about the flames on the tank.
Haha glad you guys like the flames, im not commited yet. I'm thinking a matt dark navy or black on the gas tank with some gloss blue pinstripe flames to match the grips. The idea was inspired by this H2 street brawler.

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Weekend update.... panels welded. Need to grind and planish the seams. Then only the seat, fender, and taillight mount left to fit
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I don't doubt for a second you've already measured and taken into account the clearance but from the pics it looks like close enough to rub under compression. I love the shape.
Yessir. I have a inner fender shaped to the tire that will be cut and fit in once this shape is refined. Its easier to ensure continuity of the curve is its one big piece before I cut a giant hole in it.
Fenders in. I checked it at full compression and gave plenty of room for wheel adjustment and different tires profiles
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This is getting further and further away from a dirt-bag build in ethos, but I'm still very close to the $1000 budget because I have been offsetting costs by selling parts that I'm not using. Its funny how you cannot get rid of a complete engine for nearly free, but by breaking it down I have easily made $500+ listing parts on ebay. I have not been greedy on prices, I have always listed the parts to be the cheapest listing so they sell quicker.

That being said, this Acewell gauge was the cheapest and easiest way to get a tach and speedo on the bike considereing the wheel size change. I used the gift certificate I received from this site for winning "bike of the month" a couple years ago so this gauge was very cheap in the end. I also fabricated this dash for some idiot lights while I was at it. I've had that oil light in a drawer for 8 years....this is why I hoard.
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Seat it mostly there. Gotta figure out my taillight mount and its done. I went way overboard on the mounting system because i wanted it to be quick release but also hidden.



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Overdue on an update here.
Quite a few things have been tackled and some good progress has been made. I had to notch the tank to clear the coils because my genius frame bracing didn't allow the coils to be mounted there anymore. This proved to be a bit of a headache because the previous owner booger welded a bunch of holes and then coated the inside of tank with something red. I had to burn off this coating around my weld area to clean it off on the inside - what a PITA! after I welded in the notch I pressure checked the tank for leaks and its good to go. I also took the time to strip the rust and throw a coat of some leftover epoxy primer on it. The wiring is 99% done just need to clean up a couple things and bundle it up. I started the bike up for the first time today, fired up easy enough but I then realized there is a massive air leak from the carb boots - new o-rings inbound. I also fabricated some mounts for my hidden turn signals. They are the cheapest linear strip LEDs I could find on ebay. I also swapped out the stock master cylinder for a 16mm Brembo off a bike I parted out, it firmed up the lever and feels much better.

New o-rings on the intakes and its idling great! Damn these engines are noisy on the top end. The Duplex exhaust sounds great. super low tone. doesent come across in this video. Need to get the clutch master/slave sorted and i can test ride it. getting close!

Definitely. its gonna kill me to wait for the parts to come in. I wanna see how bad the clutch is so i can stop deluding myself into thinking I don't need a new clutch. Its nice to dream though!
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I road it around the block and the clutch is fried. the whole assembly is completely hammered and beyond saving Im assuming from excessive burnouts since the engine came out of a stunt bike. I'm halfway tempted to buy another bike to part out because I can buy a complete parts bike for $500 or a used clutch assembly for $300, crazy

I finalized the taillight. Its a cheap trailer light that i disassembled. It was tricky making a bracket and fitting it in the tail and then mounting some smoked plexi over it, but Im very happy with how it turned out. Im on the fence with license plate mounted turn signals or these flush mount ones on the side. I also did the final trim on the tail and fairing so everything lines up as well as it can now. All that is left is a tiny bit of wiring clean up, upholstering the seat, and finding a damn clutch for a reasonable price.




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