GT550 Blue Smoke Devil

That bike is seriously hot, very very nice indeed.

It is sat right inbetween a Cafe Racer and Street Fighter and sounds amazing.
That sounds awesome. Well done. I like how your pup hear's it start and says 'I'm outta here'...
Thanx for the comps. 8)

Far from "done" though.

Have to:

clean / tune / jet carbs

Fab up rear brake master and reservior mount

Probably weld a chain roller / tensioner uder the frame to keep the chain up and away from the bottom frame rail and shifter shaft.

Weld on a bolt for the steering damper on the front of the steering stem.

Should have these issues straighten out by next week. Hope to get in a few rips before the season is over.
Awesome as is, wouldn't change a thing, except maybe a seat pad ;) .... I would recommend You keep the airbox... helps loads with keeping it running well.
Ok, had a few cold ones after work to get the juices flowing. Grabbed the dremel and trimmed the sides of the cafe seat pan and tail. Took approx 1.5" inches off both sides, basically enough to expose the frame rails and make the whole unit look a little more stream line. I Then followed SEBs idea and I took the dremel and cut that fuckin tailight right in half!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can dress it up tomorrow if I decide to keep it. Looks pretty good, although I dont think I could seal up the the bottom of it properly. I will ptobably buy one of those strip lights. Also scraped the stock air box and put some pods on. I know there is a debate regarding the stock air box and pods. I have been told that these carbs are direct lift and "suction" from the stock air box is not required to run well. The bottom line is that I still have the stock air box and the carbs are going to be tunes and jetted this week. I will go with whatever the carb guy reccomends. The pods were only 25 bucks delivered.





Remember, this is just all a rough mock up. Will have to clean up and repaint the tail after I build a seat and finalize the tail light set up.
I think trimmin down the sides of the seat pan really made a big difference to tail peice. Doesnt look so bulky and revealing the frame tubes looks a little more minimalist and cool!!
Well, the cut tailight didnt work out. It is a long story but the bottom line is that the structure of the light was too compromised to be able to work with.
So today my buddy brought his welder over and did a little work for me. He tacked on the rear signal light tabs and put a peice of angle across the rear of the frame. I am going to use this angle to mount a tail / brake light that will be recessed under the tail. I think it will look sick. I am going to try use a light that will be close to the tail opening but be recessed slightly. I used the metal frame of the cut light to make a nice border on the light opening.



With tail on you can see what I am talking about.




Light will be mounted up tomorrow. Will build seat tomorrow also. Pic update in afternoon. ;)
Much more better!
Those turn sigs are what I have in my DCC shopping cart right now for Overkill project. Can you tell me the size of the mounting post? (Thinking they might be 10mm) and is the housing metal or plastic? I thought about the smoked lens version but I like the looks of yours mounted.
I have their mini stalk aluminum ones on Bomber! that have a larger post than the cheaper chromed plastic cats eye ones on Lil Sister
I think they are 10mm, 12mm at the most. The body is plastic and has a flexible rubber neck. Sorta cheapy, but simple and light weight. Havent had any problems with them on either bike and you cant beat the price!!! 8)
Mid day update. I bought and mounted up a $5.00 trailer tail / brake light. At first I was sorta pissed because it looks almost like what I had. But the more I look at it I think it is superoir to the first set up. First of all the light is mounted to the frame, not the tail cowl. Makes it much easier to take the tail on and off. Second, it looks way cleaner because you dont have the metal frame of the light hanging down below the tail like the last one. The other one just didnt look right hanging down, like someone said, it looked sorta like an after thought.





Second project for today, build the seat and secure the seat / tail to the frame. Oh, and drink about 8 to 10 beers!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

I built the seat tonight. Came out pretty good. Bought the foam rubber pad and a strip of vinyl at joanne fabrics. With the bolts and everything in ran me about $10.00. Looks pretty good, although not built for comfort, just enough to keep my o-ring from fallin out. I wont be going for many all day rides on this beast anyway.



Installing the gixxer front end took like one post!! I been screwin with this tail section for how long???
I cant figure out a good solution for securing the tail and seat to the frame. I already ground off the stock seat hinges. I need a system that is easy on and off for filling the blue smoke oil. I am on the frggin Do the Ton forum for pete sake!!!!!!!!!! Anybody got some input????????:
i do like the chopped seat way better! just can not wrap my head around how the lamp does not flow with the seat... have you thought about making your own lense for that? or cutting one in 1/2 and making a case for it? so it flows with the line of the seat?
I kinda like the way the tail lamp hangs down. It flows with the rear of the bike the same way the shock dampners hang down.

The tail light lenses from the old Chevy Corvairs and Impalas from the early sixties are about the same diameter, but they have a strip of chrome that come to a point in the center of the lens, that would look really cool on this bike.
I usually have a decent eye for bike mods. I usally agree with how dudes mods thier bikes and I find my taste most of time is in the majority. This time it seems like I am off, or everybody else is!!!! I love how the new taillight is seperate from the tail cowl. I love how I used the rim of the previous lamp to make a nice rim for the trimmed cowl. I just think it looks great.

Just about everyone here and on the custom fighter forum doesnt like my new taillight set up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-\

Well, damm it, that is how it is staying for now!! The light only cost $5.00 anyways, changing it up wouldnt be a big deal, but I aint changin it!!! 8)
2strokes are so much fun. I love the sound. I used to love the sound of 4strokes better, but that's only because I heard those more often, and it was more of what I was used to. Now, I get excited everytime I hear a 2stroke anywhere.

Bike is looking cool. When it's finished I imagine it's going to look mean as hell … not that it doesn't look mean as hell already, but you know what I mean.
Man that thing looks sick!. I love the modern swingarm with the dual shock set up. I see so many monoshock conversions, it's nice to see something a little different. How much did the gixxer front end change your steering geometry? W was the front wheel the same size as the stock one?
Thanx for all the comps. Should be on the road next week. Couple of small details to finish. The stock pegs and shifter will not work with the chambers. So I have to adapt rear sets. I ordered two seperate ones from the same place and only one showed up today. They shipped them seperately and used different shipping methods :-\

Here is the one I got (My favorite pic of Josey Wales on the desk!!!!!!)


Vid coming as soon as I get her on the road.
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