Let's see your pickup trucks


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Redbird said:
Don't be Hatin :p

Bill, an AD Chevy was my first choice when I went looking about a decade ago. But they were either in too good of shape (ie. out of budget range), or they were piles of crap (and often still out of budget). Still on the lookout though :p
Post up some pics of your Squarebody. Would love to see it ;)

Here's a pic after fishing today. Covered in mud. I do have to say, I was very lucky. This truck was built by this guy for his Nephew, who decided he didn't want an "old" truck. The body panels, all brake lines are new. The engine and trans were rebuilt. About the only thing it needs is a seat cover. I went there on a Sunday with $4,003.62 on me and he took it. He had $1,900 in the trans alone. Two new gas tanks, new wheels and tires. I paid less than he had in the Engine and trans. Nothing special, 178 h.p. 350 v8. She's a great truck and looks good clean, which is hard this time of year driving through the mud to get to my fishin holes. She's not big, she's not badass, but she's dependable and haul's my bikes just fine, and some how never gets stuck in the mud. I went yesterday to a hole and there was 4-5 4X's, all the guys asked if I needed a tow out. I smirked and said, she's never stuck me yet.....


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Love, love, love trucks! ;D They're all super cool in their own unique way. 8)

Mine's going to be a practical every-day truck and, as hard as it is to say this,... no messin' with this one. :-\ ;D

I'm really into that Stepside Redbird! Very nice. 8) :)


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ApriliaBill said:
I'm impressed by many bikes on here, but am blown away how bitchin a lot of these trucks are. Here's my meager offering, yes like many on here, I have a 49 Chevy. A good ten footer, paint is shit and she wanders everywhere. As soon as the BSA is sorted, I'll start getting some work on this ol' girl done. I want it satin black and lowered a bit. She is my errand truck, 0-60 in about 2.5....minutes. I have a 78 GMC short/wide that spends a lot of time covered in mud as my D.D./fishing truck.

I love these trucks, wish I could find one around here at a decent price.

Looks good, man.


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doc_rot said:
95 Tacoma prerunner. 2.4L 5 speed. Great bike hauler with low bed height and get 27mpg on the freeway. Coming up on 350000 miles with only routine maintenance since new. I love this truck.

Nice truck. Is that a backrack headache rack or a custom one? I want to install a headache rack with rails on my rig also.


Yeah...I'm old school.
My new toy. 85 Dodge 4x4. Just an old farm truck that the family took pretty good care of. Very decent original interior. The window motors are tired, but she runs and shifts like new. The con, it's only a 318, but if I ever win the lotto it'll get a 12 valve. I felt sorry for the GMC always waste high in the mud, so I'm giving it to my kid and use this ol' girl for the fishin holes. I decided to teach my wife to off road, and took her to a spot out in the boonies (Cutter Dam) and she had a blast and was blown away by the sites at Cutter. We had to head back after getting caught in a thunder storm with zero visibility. She never even hiccupped, went through the slosh and mud without issue. Definitely would like more h.p. but for now, it'll be just fine...


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irk miller

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ApriliaBill said:
The con, it's only a 318, but if I ever win the lotto it'll get a 12 valve.
Plenty to work with there, Bill. It's still an LA. In 85, they went to roller lifters. For a few hundred bucks in a cam, you can make it a torque monster. Does it still have the stock 2bbl? Cop cars had the Thermo-quad or Quadrajets on their 318s.


Yeah...I'm old school.
Looks to be a 2 barrel Holley. Originally it was bought by a guy who then sold it to his brother and then passed to a son in law. The truck didn't run very well, but it wasn't making any noises, so I brought it home.

A base gasket (the carb was loose on the manifold) and a new air cleaner and she ran just fine. I haven't been able to check the plugs or vacuum lines yet. I might be able to find another 20 h.p. if I got her tuned properly. I think these things were only rated at about 180 h.p. and she definitely isn't a rocket, but climbs through the muck without hesitation.

I've been told to hide the hood ornament, before it ends up around some thugs neck... I think my next purchase is a seat cover to protect the prestine baby blue cloth seats. The second owner moved the high beam button to the dash and has rear brake light kill switch (can you say deer poacher...).

I was looking to get a new truck, but the prices are insane (more than my house in some cases) and I don't know why, but I get a smile every time I look at this beast. She needs a few pieces but nothing major and think this is a really good fit for me as a daily driver. The $ was less than the tax on a new truck and $180 for two years of tags. I'll just put that extra cash in my retirement account and laugh all the way down these country roads...


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Had to give up on the MM and D50...and broke down and bought a new to me truck.

Just ran out of nails to bite on the way to work and home again.

2015 Toyota Tacoma.....but.......a month into owning it, was heading to Jacksonville, just getting onto I16 south of Stateboro, the first picture shows what happened......................blowout.....................lucky was not going fast.

Daughter, God bless her soul, said "dad, don't plug that hole, put all new ones on".

So, Now I'm riding with 4 new BFGs.

And I do like that truck up there too Tune.


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My neighbor gave me this truck as a graduation present. It is a 1949 F3 that my grandfather bought used in 1950. When the family farm sold around 1987, my neighbor bought it and drove it a little bit, but then it sat in his garage until I got it. His kids were looking through pictures the other day and dug these up taken sometime in the late 80's or early 90's. I got it running again shortly after receiving it and drove it into the barn where is sitting today. Someday when I'm not so distracted by vintage bikes, I'll get back on the project and start driving it.


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irk miller

You've been mostly-dead all day.
HURCO550 said:
My neighbor gave me this truck as a graduation present. It is a 1949 F3 that my grandfather bought used in 1950. When the family farm sold around 1987, my neighbor bought it and drove it a little bit, but then it sat in his garage until I got it.

That's cool. So, you and I both have trucks that ran on old family farms. My C10 worked my great-uncle's peanut farm in Sylvania, GA.

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