Long awaited CB200 Build


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Decided to hack apart my seat unit after all this time, as the shape wasn't quite doing it for me anymore and when I figured out how I wanted the seat upholstery to look I realised I couldn't do what I wanted using it as it was. It's quite funny because the seat unit and cowl led the design from the start, but, design evolves and here we are. I think it's looking much better now by following the lines of the new frame. I'll be making a seat pan next.

Chopped up the unit, cut new lines and re-glassed the original bum stop back on. I made a pretty sloppy paper template along the way to try and check the looks.



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Now making up the cap for the tank, also serving as my tank tie down. Might need to factor in some space for vibration between tank and frame I guess.



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Shock mounts machined after a couple of rounds 3d printing / prototyping. I might drill some points for indicators in them as well.


Alex jb

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Looking good.
Are you welding the turned parts from the back?

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Got the shock mounts, seat frame bars and tank end cap welded on yesterday. In the words of the Beatles, with a little help from my friends.... :)

I think it’s time I learned to weld.


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