Post a pic of your latest purchase

Yea, mine is much the same story as Rich's. I changed everything to LED's and the gauge indicator would crossfeed and flash all four signals.
Alot of guys just unplug the gauge indicator and not use it. Which will correct the crossfeed issue. But sadly, I'm CDO enough that if the light is there, I want it to work :)
If it comes to it though, the diodes are really easy to do ;)
IndieSol said:
That's the angle I'll take, Rich. At least I've got a radio shack nearby. I'm hoping that, since the only thing changing is the fact that the idiot light will be LED, I'm hoping I can get away without picking up a new flasher or a diode. My current signals are not LED.

The tachometer is mechanical and for your bike you'll need the 1:4 ratio, just like the one I purchased. The speedometer ratio (on my GS1100) is 2240:60, meaning that at 60mph, the tire spins 2240 revolutions per minute. I cannot say for sure that this will work on your bike. A google search for "GS1100 speedometer ratio" is what eventually pointed me in the right direction. I hope that helps.

Ok thanks a lot I really find them clean , going to order them as soon as possible!
I was told some guy named Rossi also wears these boots.

El Fuego, can we get a better pic of that seat pan?

Ok, so I didn't actually purchase these, but I did buy a lot of nuts and bolts. First off is the bike bench:

Not entirely done yet but is able to hold a bike

And a soda blaster booth
Garage Rat said:
I have that gun too, I was warned that the soda could be too fine and gunk up the gun... How has it worked for you?

Unless the soda got mixed with a liquid, I couldn't imagine it getting gummed up.
JRK5892 said:
was finally able to wire in a 220 line in the garage and install the new aircompressor... ya buddy! air tools here i come! Put the 220 line on a plug so i can plug in the welder if needed

How loud is that compressor? I've been considering one on the garage, but I'm concerned about the noise.
HerrDeacon said:
Finally saved up enough Canadian Tire money to buy a welder. :) Picked up this one today.


I have the same one with a 60lb tank it works great. The tank goes fast so if you plan to use it a lot think about getting a bigger one.
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