Post a pic of your latest purchase

VonYinzer said:
NICE! I think at least 75% of all xs650s had flames painted on the tank at some point. Haha

ha! its even got flames on the side cover too. I kinda wish it didn't have the dent in the tank, the flames are growing on me. I've already got a cafe project, this ones going Brat Style!
If the paint is in good shape, try one of those paintless dent removal guys. They can pull off some pretty astounding work without damaging the paint by working from the inside....could be an option....
Nice, Deacon. That's much nicer than the piece of s&*t Harbor Freight job I had for 28 days before it gave out.

I need a new welder.
primantis cap and cheese

I see ham, french fries, cole slaw, and tomatoes?

That looks fuggin tasty

<-- I'm making this face just looking at it.
i love primantis! I prefer the roast beef though. I'm told there is one here in South Florida...gonna have to check it out, as I doubt I will ever make it back to Pittsburgh now that my grandma died. I used to drive to the strip and eat there every time I was in town.
I'm continuously amazed by the amount of Pittsburgh guys on this forum. If you guys enjoy Primanti's, anyone ever hit up Fat Heads in the South Side??

There's also one in Cleveland.

They have a sandwhich there called the South Side Slopes, it's considered one of the top 5(I think)sandwhiches in the U.S.
ace cafe... pffft...

pittsburgh will be known as the modern day cafe mecca.. if all these fags on here dont start building "bobbers"

New old stock needle bearings for spare swing arm: cb750 build, NOS lower shock mount bushings for swing arm, used K&N for the frankenbuell (almost impossible to find used), and Dzus fasteners for the Buell's CF belly pan.

I decided to replace the swing arm on my cb750 DOHC with my spare as it has the needle bearings (don't really want a death wobble on this or any other bike). I also bought new lower shock mount bushings because I want to raise my rear ride height ala Pistol's DOHC build and will fab up a new mount. IMO, he has the finest example of this gen cb750. I won't go the Benjies tank and seat route like he did because of the high cost, but everything else about Pistol's bike seems right to me.
the highlight of my week was looking at this thread and seeing primantis representing. I need a steak and cheese with an egg on top now...
Okay nerdlingers, since we're smack talkin' sammies here. Representin' north of the border, I give you the Schwartz's Montreal smoked meat on rye with mustard. I'm seriously jonesing one and Toronto is only a 5.5 hour drive away.

I don't know of any other sandwich shop that has line ups outside during the dead of winter.

Honestly, you should see the original Primantis. There are alway a million people in there and lines. Unfortunatly they have some many other locations now, its lost some of its insanity.
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