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Yeah XT250 is a turd. I've always hated that bike.

Yep I prefer the early gen on the DR, it's not as nice a bike but I love the look. This one's a 1990 so very little aftermarket. Guess I'll have to make a bunch of stuff for it!
thats one thing ive liked about my 05, anything 96+ has such a huge aftermarket its not even funny. I think it may be one of the most farklable dual sports out there.


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Some cool stuff for the eventual cool bike that I plan on eventually putting together so I can eventually ride it somewhere fun to eventually hang with some of you folks again. Eventually.

Picked 'em up from our man amongst the boys, Deviant for a steal. Now I just need to get them from Bama to Pittsburgh.


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Yep - anyone who needs a name change, just hit me up. No 'display' name option in this software at the moment (although I might look at adding one - most of the add-ons run $50 or so a pop).


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Bought some heed crash bars for my tiger. I would say they came very well packed, each tube wrapped in foam, then bars taped together in a bag, wrapped in bubble wrap in a box with probably 1/8" of plastic wrap sealong the box. They'll get installed when I do a valve adjustment, just waiting on those parts to arrive.


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I've seen lots of positive about them, mines a tiger 800 and from various pictures the Heed bars follow the body lines better than others.


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Pulled the trigger on these from DCC. Should improve the ride on the GL1000.
I like! Having ridden on rock-hard (the Progressives on my '78) and no shock action at all (the worn-out stock shocks originally on my '79 since replaced with an old '75 set) I am looking forward to hearing a report on these. Although the '79 is MUCH better now, I'd like to have it a bit softer since it will be my DD come warm weather again.


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I'll let you know but it will be a while as we are snowed in here now. Kiley (kantakoy) has 3-4 bikes with Hagons and he say's they are the best bag for buck out there and when they tell you tuned for the bike they mean it. He has them on Honda and Beemers etc.

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