Post a pic of your latest purchase


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Not for myself.
I bought this "Plasma cutter - Tig - Stick welder" unit w option foot pedal.
A gift for my buddy Greg, in return for a favor he did for me.
Dudes loving it. Below shows a cut through 1/2 inch plate and 1/8 inch.
Hes also practicing w tig welds...I had a pic he sent but can't find it now.

It was an ordeal to actual get the thing...

The first one I ordered was "Lost" by UPS. It somehow got delivered and signed for by someone in a St.Louis suburb.
UPS did an investigation but it was Never recovered.

The Second unit had a problem w Plasma cutter. We suspect it was a bad trigger switch in the cutters gun.

The third unit, WORKING GREAT.


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That's a hellofa gift!

Once you have a plasma it's hard to imagine how you functioned without one. Same can be said for most any metal working tool in my experience!


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Wow! Do you have an X-wing? I've always wanted one, but they just don't pop up here in East Tennessee. I saw one in the back of on old lady's garage, but she wouldn't part with it because it had been her son's, who was killed by a droid.


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Cool. I've been looking for a Haynes for my Millennium Falcon-class freighter.


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Bought a cheap titled 5x10 trailer. Plans are to un-redneck the tongue, put in a 4" drop axle and add folding wheel chocks. Maybe even powdercoat the frame, but that depends on cost. But for $200 it was way cheaper than even a HF trailer, and has full size tires.


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Great buy
I'm happy I found it. I've been looking for a couple months, but all the lower priced ones had no title, or cost more than a new one at HF. Big bonus is the full size wheels, I'll feel a whole lot better on the highway with it.

I'll do the 4" drop axle to get it lower for easier loading, and the folding chocks so that they are always there as well as adding beefy tie down points. It'll be way easier than getting big bikes in the back of the truck.

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