Project "Caroline" CB350four And so it begins!


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We use a digital pyrometer on race bikes just to see what's going on and rarely see 200 on most of the fins. Around the exhaust it can reach 240 or so but not much more because it's a huge heat sink shedding heat.

If your head reached 600 on the outside, I'm sure it would have melted on the inside.

Put another way, if it works on an HD putting along so slow there's no air to cool it, then it should be fine on a cafe race 350.... :)


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my HD stays right around 220 on a really hot day, that is with a digital temp sensor, when i turn on the oil cooler drops it around 10*


Awesome, I guess I was thinking of the heat on the bends of the header then, because for some reason I was thinking like 1200!!!!! Hahahahaha! Thanks guys!


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So hot. It subtle and striking at the same time. Caroline is gonna look like one of those elegant chicks that you know is hiding a tattoo somewhere naughty.


Re: Project "Caroline" CB350four (Angle Grinder & Cutting Wheel)

It has been a while since an update, but I have not stopped working! I have been quite busy, but I can only work small amounts of time at a time. I got in the shop today and finished several things I had started.
First up is the polishing of the fork lowers. I spent a good amount of time working on them to get all the piting out and remove the casting marks. I am pretty pleased with the result. first is one done compared to one that I have not worked yet. Second pic is both done and showing some bling in the sun.

I got the engine out of the frame:

Then went to work on the frame. I cleaned up the area where I removed the passenger peg mount from the left side of the bike.

I removed the center stand and I am still working on cleaning that up. I also Removed the stock brake lever mount.

As for the other passenger peg mount, I am leaving it for the exhaust hanger, so I modified it. It does not need to be as strong to hold up the can, so I lightened it up some, and more lightening will be done later.

I also wound up really dirty, and Amy sent me straight to the shower!


I have been doing A LOT.....WHOLE LOT of sanding and polishing which gets old after a wile, so I decided I needed to get in touch with my inner louie and drill some holes in some shit!



Big Rich said:
Looks good B. What bulb is illuminating that? A 194?
Yes sir, just the good old 1973 technology! I did buy four new bulbs and install them though. They are far brighter in person though, the camera makes it look way different!
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