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I have about a $1K au in Motogadget stuff on my bike..(not the m-unit though..I actually like wiring :) )....its pricey but it is well built and works.. the support is pretty good and there is heaps of info on the net,so if you have any issues it can and will most likely get sorted....I did look into the m-unit for a project that I have coming up...but the cost was outside the budget and the owner....looks easy to setup and there are heaps of youtube vids... Id stay away from the BT ver and just go with the newer base model.....


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I definitely do not see the use in the BT feature.
Most times I am out on a bike I don't bother taking a phone with me for a reason.....


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So what if the bike is in a million pieces?
Sure it seems like I am taking more apart then I am putting back together/
Yes I have things on the "to buy" list that are actually NEEDS to get this project moving.

But who doesn't like to see some cool go fast speed parts?
ARD set up for a 550 (they are different then the 750 units)
Fairly standard coil cooler
CB650 cam
CB750 pistons with the "gentleman's express" mods"
New rings

Just a few neat parts for this project.
Been busy with some house projects and the holidays.
Mainly unpacking bike parts and organizing. Trying to get a good idea of what I still have, and what I really need to still get.


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One of my happiest days is the day I start taking parts OUT of storage bins and putting them ON the bike.


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If those are the pistons I did they are not to 'Gentleman's Express' spec.
I changed various angles and diameters to get higher compression plus modified skirts and weights to change oiling characteristics. They should allow short bursts to 13.5k with stock rods. You'll need a different ignition to stock for that though, points only allow about 11.5k. I have no idea what rpm magneto will allow ?Oh, those springer forks are designed for heavily raked front ends, the lower rocker should be almost parallel with ground when fitted (maybe 10 degrees off?)


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True, they are not exactly the gentleman's express, but the spirit is similar.

Lots have commented on the springer.
Bike sits odd on the side stand, but when it is on the road the lower member is right were it should be and the travel is what it is supposed to be.
Brake stay, now that isn't right....


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Spent some time getting the tools up on the pegboard.
Feels really go to have my own shop for the first time.

Also nice to have my expensive tools NOT stored in bins, bags and scattered around.

I still have to hang better lights and run some electrical boxes to the benches.
Hope to get some time this weekend to really get cracking on the bike.


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Looks good. Now you need to 'shadow board' everything so you can see instantly if it's missing (real PITA to do but well worth it inn the long run)


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Took a few pictures to better show the how the "patina" has kinda of crossed the line.








Fairly large pieces of paint are flaking off the frame now.
Unsure about painting or Powdercoating the frame.

There is a decent amount of filler molding the frame, don't think you can do that and then coat it.
So I guess it will need to be painted.

Need to figure out the rear fender as the wheel is not sitting centered.
When looking at it quick the other night I think the wheel is centered in the frame, so the issue must be a bent fender.

Started to lay out all the engine pieces.
Think I want to have the cases vapor blasted.
Never used that service, so the results I have seen are amazing. Have a few sets of motor covers, will pick the best and blast those.

Since the bike is stone axe simple, my list of needed service items is relatively short.
Was thinking about tires a little bit.
Is this the only bike that a Firestone rep makes sense (rear)?

irk miller

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surffly said:
Still made in the correct sizes?
They are. The caveat, which for me is a non-issue, is they are S rated at 112mph. I have no plans to go that fast regardless of my bike being capable.


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That's sustained 112mph, blip up to 120+ won't hurt anything but I wouldn't stay there for 5 miles ;) You can also compensate slightly with an extra 10psi. tyres will run a bit cooler at high speed


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Not sure I would recommend 120 per on that bike, but that's a whole other discussion.......


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teazer said:
Not sure I would recommend 120 per on that bike, but that's a whole other discussion.......
Oh yeah, kinda forgot it was chopper ;D With a 'built' motor and not much weight it's going to surprise a lot of people 8)


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Still unboxing, organizing and laying out what parts I have.

Normally I prefer the look of polished metal to chrome, but on a bike like this....the more chrome the better.
I also am a sucker for vintage "finned" covers.

Spent some time messing around with another small project.
First year in our new house, so first year with a full sized Christmas tree.
Obviously I needed to bust out the old Lionel trains.

*Note the tool snobbery

Started to chip away at the lower end of the motor that was in the bike.
Doesn't seem like there is much torn up of really damaged.
Hope that I can just clean it and get it back together.

Worst case, if the weather gets too nice too soon, I have that spare engine to slap in and ride.

Does anyone have any experience having chrome parts re-chromed?
How does the process work? How are the results?

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