Shake the Box CL360/378 - The Hedgehog - Done

Buddy its just crazy cool, amazing work you have done.

Thanx, means a bunch coming from you. Eric.

If the guy would just get the seat don't I'd get it out, take some pretty pix, and consider it (more or less) done.
OK, I can say it's done. There are probably a few little fiddly things I could, and might do, however generally as a project it's done. I may install electronic ignition, I may modify the wiring for the bar-end signals, and MAYBE, someday I may even change the exhaust system but for now it is what it is.

So what is it? It's a '75 Honda CL360 w/ bits n pieces from at least 15 different motorcycles plus a handful of aftermarket parts.

'75 Honda CL360 - Frame & engine
Engine - GS850 pistons, CJ360 oil pickup, CrazyPJ carb mods, Uni foam filters, oil flow mods, racing clutch springs, SS bolts, CL pipes w/ Emgo Shortie mufflers
'02 Kawisaki Ninja 500 - Forks - swing arm, brakes, wheels, rear spring and suspension gear, front fender & rear hugger fender
Brakes - Ninja discs & calipers, aftermarket front MC, Yamaha R-1 rear MC, aftermarket reservoirs.
Tires - Michelin Street Pilot
'76 Honda CB500T - Tank & kickstand
'93 Suzuki GSX1100G - Fuel filler fixture & cap
'02 Yamaha R-1 - Foot pegs & mounts
Aftermarket - Clip-ons, brake reservoirs, front brake & clutch levers, bar-end mirrors/signals, headlight & mounts, seat base, tail light, fairing, valve stems, Rec/Reg, fuse box, DanMoto digital dash, woven shielding over wiring & brake lines, AllBalls bearings for front fork change, needle bearings for swing arm
Paint - Wheels, engine parts, & details: VHT Black Pearl engine paint. All else: Rustoleum Stainless Steel appliance paint, matt clear over the Rustoleum.
Custom-made - Top triple, seat, license plate mount, electric tray, all wiring, graphics, SS brake lines, kick stand mount moved forward, rear hugger fender made from a 500 Ninja front fender
Thanks to: Machining, welding, massive assistance, massive moral support - @Hurco550 Machining, fabrication, advice, & electrical design - my brother The Mad Scientist. Others here on DTT who sold and donated parts as well as offering experience, advice, knowledge, support, and encouragement: @irk miller, @teazer, @crazypj, @trek97, @Redbird, the list goes on and on and I've probably left off someone important. Thank you all!







My favorite parts? (In no specific order) The 378 conversion, the gas filler mod on the CB500T tank, the GREAT brakes, Michelin tires, the electrics, & the overall vintage aircraft theme.
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Well alright alright alright! Very, very nicely done and really original. Love how you’ve totally made this your own. The front end looks brilliant, love the old school bomber paint vibe on the headlight fairing. A lot to be proud of, kudos!

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I got several miles in today, just cruising around town and into the country a bit.

Overall the thing is pretty good. It now runs and starts reliably. It still will die if left to idle more than 30 seconds or so and may or may not die at a stop sign or stop light. Doesn't take much of a blip to keep it going, I probably just need to set the idle just a bit higher. All in all it seems pretty good to me but I'd love to turn it over to someone who's more skilled/experienced with tuning. I doubt that it would take much fiddling to get it set right.

My work on the baffles has worked out well. It's not too loud but not muzzled off, either, and has a much more "tuned" and healthy sound, not ragged and raucous. I'm sure that's partly attributable to the baffles and more to having a more healthy and reliable spark.

The DanMoto is not being good at all! Below a certain speed, 20mph or so, it is fine and works as it should. Above that the entire screen just lights up w/ everything illuminated. I'll check things out, it could be that I've got a wire under the seat pinched a little. I'll take the seat off again and make sure everything is as it should be. It wasn't doing that last time I rode it so I doubt that it's permanent or anything other than a minor issue.

Comfort? No question, there isn't much! It certainly ain't no Gold Wing!

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Hey first of good job this is amazing and has given me inspiration and second goldwings arent always comfortable lol

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I have been planning these pix, literally, for years! Finally got the wee beastie out this morning and got in 40-50 miles and then stopped to take a few snaps in this setting. Thinking about it, given the theme I'm wondering if I should go out to see my friend who runs the local small airport and get some shots by the AVGas pump and some airplanes. Oh well, here they are:







Corey she's been a long time coming and well worth the wait.
So freaking cool!!!
An incredible amount of incredible workmanship!!!
So... last Sunday I was out for a ride and got the pix at the old time gas station. After leaving there things sorta went to hell again. I wasn't far from home but it started running bad again, the DanMoto was doing strange things, two brackets broke on the fairing mounts, and the throttle cable broke just as I pulled up to the shop door! Here we go again! (Yeah, yeah, I know, that's what shakedowns are for...)

Monday morning I was out messing around and quickly got the running and the dashboard issues sorted out. It turns out that the battery connections weren't tight enough and, in this case, the ground had just barely dropped off and was making intermittent contact. I tightened up the connectors and all is good.

Tuesday and Wednesday I tackled the fairing mounts. Several of the connections had been made using hand-made brackets made from aluminum angle. Two of those had been subject to vibration and broke in half. I knew that bending the alu wasn't going to work so I had made the brackets out of angle, I never thought they would break. They've now been replaced w/ steel angles that should hold up and I've added some substantial bracing that pretty much eliminates the vibration that was going on. While I had the fairing off I improved the digital volt meter so it's easier to see.


Yesterday I added a little detail that wasn't necessary, doesn't add functionality, speed, or safety but adds to the cool factor. There's one more part of it that's been shipped, when that gets here I'll post pix. Yeah, I know I said that it's done, but, really, are these things ever completely finished?
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As noted above I added a little detail. What proper aircraft is compete w/o a properly tagged pitot tube?
Yeah, it's just a non-functioning mock-up and I don't have an airspeed indicator, but it seemed like the thing to do. Now if I could just come up w/ a mock-up of that 30mm rotary gun...




Ha, I have the same tag on my KLR. I got to fly a plane when I was about 12, so that counts, right? Right?
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