Simplified Wiring Digrams

Thanks for reply, I have tried different permutations, and the last one blew the units, it looks like I have a serious short somewhere started with out spark units wired, then got motor to turn on key, then as soon as I connected the green earth wire on speakers, it all went down hill from there they just started smoking then popped.
Could anyone give this a quick sense check for me? Using an M-unit, single wire tail light, CDI has to be ran through a relay from what I gather (it needs a negative feed where the motogadget provides positive for the ignition circuit? - and mine is definitely a true CDI ignition)

Looks good to me.
I’m starting to creating an online collection of interactive vector versions of the shop wiring diagrams. Here’s one for the 76 CB550F. The drawing is finished, however, I still want to make it interactive and add mobile gestures to it.

I have a CB200 alternator on the bench and oddly enough all the wires are cloth covered and under that cloth they are all white!!!

They go to a 4 pin connector along with the neutral switch w/r wire. Any idea how I identify which are supposedly pink, yellow and White/yellow, so I can use this on a CB160 twin?
Thinking about it, the stator must be off a CL200 because the matching #354 rotor doesn't have a starter clutch.

But I still have no idea whaich wire is in each position on the 4 pin connector. Anyone know?
I took ohm readings across the wires of one of my coils. Pink to yellow: 2.0, pink to white:1.4, white to yellow: 2.5. The meter was set to its most accurate setting. I would PM Matt for a definitive answer however.
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