Suzuki GN400 Scrambler/Cafe Hybrid

So will the tank glow when its full of gas? I have been riding my GN400, but theres rain today so I cant ride. Bike is looking good. Later.
HAHA! That's pretty fantastic, I normally kinda laugh at LEDs on bikes and cars but that's a great idea with some real utility.
Isn't that why dirtbikes are illegal on the road. Plastic tanks?
Your fab is amazing. Ill have to post up a photo of a truly amazing place for one with your skill.I was at a motorcycle yard today. Endless fork setups, front wheels, discs, swingarms, gas tanks, anything.

Hopefully you have one close by so your creative talent can always be stocked with parts.
Man this is gonna be awesome! Love the idea with the LED's for a fuel gauge, smart and cool all rolled into one...

Love the stance too, just perfect for a scrambler style...
Nice idea with the tank. It reminded me of how they did it on the old Ducati race bikes.

I would have painted tank and left it as an iluminated sight gauge if it was me though.
Your bike is looking good. Say do you have a good working rear wheel for that bike? I need one cheap and in good working order. Mine keeps making a knocking noise when I spin it any ideas as to what it could be? I removed the chain and it still keeps knocking when I spin it freely. It just has a really weird sound to it. Anyone have any ideas?
Does your wheel 'knock' at the same point of rotation every time? Pick a spot say the swingarm up near the pivot. Keep your eye on that point and rotate your wheel til it makes the noise, mark it at the swingarm for a visual reference and then check to see if it's happening at that mark.

Bearings are certainly possible
Bad brake shoes out back could certainly do it
It seems to knock at the same point every time. I have just replaced the brake shoes. The bike only has 18000 miles on it. Why would the bearings go bad so soon?
Ok that is just frickin awesome... here I was thinking my 450 was pretty cool with its pipe and my new dash with the Acewell and the fly screen and whatnot... man it ain't nothing compared to your GN!!!

Love those dual lights with the mesh guards and integrated gauges... that is just far too cool for school... awesome stuff! Definitely digging this :D

Quick edit: How long til she's done and on the road? I wanna know what month to nominate her for BOM ;)
misteroddjob said:
Thanks for the kind words.
I expect to be done in about 6 weeks maybe 8.

Next week I'll get the engine soda blasted and the last few parts powdercoated and anodized.
The week after that I drop it off to Fuller Hotrods to build a stainless exhaust, figuring they'll have it for a week or two.
I'll be building and sewing the seat while the bike is at Fuller's.
Then finish the wiring and jet the carbs.

No probs at all! Quality work requires quality compliments :D

Are you going for a scrambler style high pipe? 2 into 1 or 2 into 2?

I saw another Triumph Scrambler in the flesh yesterday and I still love that stacked 2 into 2...
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