Suzuki GN400 Scrambler/Cafe Hybrid

Your dual headlights are AMAZING!! I love what you've done with this.
And by the way, after searching high and low... I got the very same turn signals! I really wanted dual filaments, especially in the rear because I will have a fairly small-ish vintage taillight. (I haven't any new pics to post because the bike is two states away in someone else's hands, but progress is being made, and with luck you and I shall be on the road around the same time... WHEEE!!)

Mefo Explorers.....well whadaya know?! I learned of new bitchen tires today! I love this joint (and this bike)
misteroddjob said:
I also wanted to be able to use 1157 LED bulbs.
I'm switching out every bulb to an LED to save some amperage draw...

I was hoping to do the same thing, but a quick search on Ebay didn't turn up any 2-filament LED replacement bulbs.
If you found some LED bulbs that fit these signals, I'd kiss your feet for sharing your source... or maybe just owe you a beer.


This is the taillight I am using; it's an old BSA rocket light; there are three bulbs inside. One in the center that is pretty standard, but there are two on the sides where the cones are that are super-small, and screw into mounts that are made from col springs. The original unit is 6V, like yours, but amazingly, our local Napa had 12V bulbs that FIT! I hooked them up to the battery, and they are quite a bit brighter than I was expecting, but I will be running a teeny-tiny Lithium-ion battery, and although the charging system is set up for 12V, and is fairly modern, it would be nice not to tax it too too much with the extra running lights...

I should have my bike in hand within the month; once Jay finishes the frame welding and paint, he'll re-assemble it and drag it up here for all of the final tweaks... Still not sure how all of the electrical stuff is going to get done... details details....

misteroddjob said:
Definitely a high pipe
And actually 1 into 1. The GN is a thumper.
It will be very similar to this except with a larger reverse megaphone muffler.

Aaah I thought the 250 was a thumper and the 400 a twin... that sort of pipe should be a perfect fit, and reverse megaphone all the way! I almost made the mistake of going for a Dunstall style end cap when I was getting Tranzac to make mine, but called him back as soon as I got home to change my mind and go with the reverse mega... so glad I did!
misteroddjob said:
What vintage is your tail light?
Is that an aluminum casting?

Honestly, I'm not sure about the taillight; It's from a BSA; late '50s / Early 60's I think. I found it on Ebay; guy selling it wasn't sure what it was, and I didn't find out until after I owned it. I just did a search for "vintage tail lights" and there it was... I've only seen one or two others on there since "BSA Rocket Tailight" is all I know about it.

The casting is aluminum; I bought that separately. It's a generic vintage looking Repro that fits any of the old Lucas style lights from the British bikes. That rocket light just bolted right in like a glove.

Any help on those bulbs would be awesome! Also, let me know if I need a modulator-mc-thing-a-ma-jiggie to run the LED turn signals; I would assume so....

Awesome! Love that attention to detail!

I need to do exactly the same thing and it looks like Suzuki used the same tach drive on both our bikes.

I have the block off plate from the later GS1100 that has an electronic tach ready to go in, but I've managed to round off the head of the nut holding it in.

I really like you plug there, nice work!
Hey man your getting alot further than I would have. I can only hope and pray that my GN400 will ever start shaping up like yours and the same gpes for the end result thats coming. Keep up the good work. Later.
Swagger said:
...but YOU made it.

+1! I didn't intend to denigrate your work on the plug, I think it's great...

I love the satisfaction of making something for your bike and seeing it on there knowing noone else has one anything like it...

misteroddjob said:
True. And I'm sure mine is lighter so its the racing version...

Yes indeed! I have no doubt :D
Yeah guys I know what you mean its like those things like I wish I had thought of that kinda thing or why didnt I think of that kinda thing. I guess you learn as you go. LATER.
misteroddjob said:
No worries, my comment has nothing to do with you denigrating the plug I made.
Without a bike salvage yard nearby to see parts in person, I rely on a lot of internet research.
Somehow it never occurred to me that Suzuki would make one themselves.
And it would have been much easier to research than the other stuff I had to figure out.

Yeah I know what you mean... when I first thought about the Acewell it was bugging me, then one of the other guys on the GSR posted up he plugged it with the later GS1100 one and provided part numbers so that made it easy :)

I still reckon your plug is a little classier though, looks well fabricated :D

massey65 said:
Yeah guys I know what you mean its like those things like I wish I had thought of that kinda thing or why didnt I think of that kinda thing. I guess you learn as you go. LATER.

Yes indeed! At least a lot of stuff you can go back and correct later.

My breather catch tank is the perfect example, looked fine with just a breather filter on there but as soon as that filter gets a bit of oil in it, it starts dripping, and at speed those little tiny drips go everywhere... so on with the catch tank and no more drips to mess things up!
I'd like to say thanks for the inspiration. Your attention to detail and workmanship is amazing. ;D

I'm going the opposite way to you - converting a DR400s trailie into a cafe style bike, though that might change as I work my way through the build due to either design ethos or most likely cashflow.

You may recognise the tank. I've also grafted on a GN 400 swing arm (strangely wider than the DR frame) and moved the rear upper shock mount backwards to suit.


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Yes I used the GN swingarm for aesthetic reasons but after spending a lot of time on the net I realised that the swingarm had other benefits too.

As you mention a wider tyre can be used and despite the fact the GN swingarm is shorter than the DR one, the shock mount is further back. This allows me to use the now beefed-up seat mounting holes as the upper shock mounts, bringing the shocks about 10 degrees from the vertical and I have a greater choice of shocks because of the shortened distance between mounting points.

Overall the aesthetics are improved because the rear axle is closer to the frame and the shock position is similar to an old-school racer set-up.

I'm keeping the front forks from the DR but putting a spacer under the damper rod to reduce their length and travel.
The Suzuki thumper makes a good base for a special.

Have you seen this one? -

I would like to say very nice job on the build so far! I just picked up a gn400 myself and was curious if you are going to use a pod filter and run the stock cv carb?
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