The 'leftovers' project - XS650

Just digging out all the parts I've collected for it and starting to place them on the bike, plan fender struts etc. Will have to put the engine in soon.



I like the fork shrouds and front fender, nice bike so far.

Is that a small spring under the seat?
It's an old pillion seat - might be British but I can't recall. There is a leather cover but I'll do something different to make it comfortable while keeping the mechanics exposed. It does have a spring suspension built in.

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Vintage vibe. The inspiration all along has been the 1950 Triumph Thunderbird. I'm hoping the bike ends up looking somewhat like a factory bike, but clearly not. Simple fender stays, exposed wiring, simple paint.

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So... this project continues to live :) More bungs and brackets are on the way along with some simple footpegs which should finally allow me to get the seat mounted and footpegs in place.

Then I can get moving. Still need to figure out a gas tank.
A gas tank is a huge decision and for this frame, I can't imagine it's going to be easy.
I like the idea of a tank under the seat. The frame would look great with a 40s-50s look bicycle tank on it. Something to follow the lines of the frame! You could still make it a split style for a more antique look. Maybe something along the lines of Jesse Rooke's bikes.


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