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yeah mines been leaking a tiny little bit from day one, but i put it down to fuel coming out the cap when i braked hard. turns out i was wrong :/
hope the new one is ok that i ordered
Meanwhile left from work and bike felt really wobbly, pulled over and yep flat rear tyre! :mad:

Tube is all cut up now...

The old tube was 3.00/2.75-18... I have a spare 3.00/3.25-18 - would there be much difference or ok to fit?

Mite change the rear wheel bearing while I have the wheel off... They feel pretty worn.
should be a good idea to use this:

it's a coating to prevent leak

i'll use this one because i never fill yet my tank
but there is an other one for used tank
Beautiful bike!

It will be interesting to see the selling price. It will probably end up in a collection somewhere and never be ridden, which is a pity.

Thought it would be fun to watch, sitting in a window would be tragic... its not old just a small number retro bike that needs a good thrashing too and fro.
Riding along in heavy traffic I hear an unidentifiable noise but the 'Ace' appears to be running fine.

Before I can find a suitable place to pull over and investigate, the bike loses forward momentum.

On getting clear of the main road I find this:




Obviously the circlip retaining the sprocket has come off leading to damage to the chain adjuster and sprocket bolts, but why?

The circlip itself is in reasonable condition:


Perhaps the cause will be found when I can get the bike home and remove the rear wheel!

stroker crazy said:
Could have been much worse!

your not wrong..
at least the swingarm and rear hub dont look like they fared too badly.
i small think can turn big quickly. i had a cg125 import years ago and i went to a service station" to get fuel and oil toped up, while i was in paying the young guy tipped 500ml of oil in the crankcase and overfilled it. i was going down the freeway and when i went off the off ramp the bike just slid out from under me, turns out all the extra oil was over the whole back of the bike!
took an hour with a bucket and brush parked at a garage to clean all the oil off the wheel to ride it home again.
stroker crazy said:
Perhaps the cause will be found when I can get the bike home and remove the rear wheel!
maybe something to do do with cush drives
this what my second set of stock (chinese ) cush drives looked like at 7000kms
cheers ACEitup


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Arranged transport for the 'Ace' this morning.

This was the view while waiting:


On return I removed the wheel to assess damage. The swingarm was good, as was the chain and sprocket.

The cush drive bushes were undamaged, so they weren't a contributing factor.

The left side chain adjuster hadn't survived its acquaintance with the sprocket bolts and nuts:


Little enough damage, except for the hub itself. Somehow the circlip had ground away the hub metal allowing it to escape the confines of its groove:


How exactly this came about I can only speculate!

Hey Crazy
Does seem odd ?
Most likey it will be cheaper to buy whole wheel ?
including crappy bushes , tyres and brake shoes !
unless you have a alternate plan ! (alloy rims ) honda hub ?
Btw My rear wheel now locks up for the first time with my
new Ferodo shoes, pulling skids the garage !
cheers ACEitup
Re: the "Ace" - The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

stroker crazy said:
File and WandD - I can't be trusted with power tools!

More stuff to be posted regarding the bars in the coming week.


Where did you get the top yoke from?
Crazy, glad you were able to stop OK.

Not a part of the bike I have delved in to although I picked up some genuine Honda bushes and bolts just in case and will fit them over winter.

Does the circlip have a flat side and a rounded side? Flat side faces out so it exerts pressure on outside edge of groove?
dingo2107 said:
Where did you get the top yoke from?

As said in the posts - it's the standard top yoke with the bar mounts cut off.

2b said:
I picked up some genuine Honda bushes and bolts just in case and will fit them over winter.

Excellent idea!

I now think that the circlip wasn't directly responsible for the damage; will check further today.

So a couple of weeks ago I bitched about tubes loosing pressure.

Wood fastener in the rear tire forced my hand and had to replace the rear tube, so did the front at the same time. 2 hours on the M1 into the city in peak hour was less than ideal!


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