What did you build this week?

I figured out how to forge weld and made a few small blades


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Well I figured I would share what I have been working on for the last few weeks on instead of my other project. 1972 Miller AEAD 200LE welder with an Onan twin cylinder engine. I picked it up for a very good price at an estate sale. It is a 200 amp/%100 duty cycle welder and a 5Kw generator. I put a lot of work into it not knowing how long it has been ran in (at least 10 years, my guess)
I did the following:
-rebuilt carb and fuel pump (all new rebuild parts)
-adjusted valves
-replaced plus and wires
-new points
-degreased engine
-oil change (new oil in air filter too)
-new spun aluminum fuel tank and lines
-cleaned slip rings and brushes on generator
-adjusted RPMs
-replaced the plugs on the 50 foot leads
-new ground clamp
-new battery (my old, but still good, subaru battery fit perfect!!)
-new battery ground cable and terminal on the positive
I also wanted to put this on a trailer so it would be portable to wherever I needed it; so I built up this harbor freight trailer. It has a 1000 pound capacity and I also put a jack on the front. It tows great and the welder runs and welds like a top! Maybe next year I will tear it all down and repaint it to get it nice and shiny

Birdhouses are going into the 4th local country store tomorrow....gonna have to start putting in more metal time


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Built a periscope and refinished a propeller for the submarine bed that I'm building for my son.
I'm going to start doing some fiberglass work on my bike project but I have zero experience with any of it. I wanted to do a simple project that would get me a little comfortable with the whole process, using a form, making and using resin, cutting and laying the actual glass etc, etc..so I came up with this, a Captain American shield for my 7 year old.

Started with making a rough circle form out of some foam insulation and covered it with tape.


I didn't have any carnuba wax, so I used a trick I use when bedding rifle stocks, neutral shoe polish


Put a couple coats on, cut 4 pieces of cloth, mixed up the resin and laid them on the form


Let the glass cure, popped it off the form with no problem. Cut the final shape with a jig saw, put a layer of bondo on, sanded and primed it then laid on a couple layers of silver base. I made up a scribe stick out of a paint stirrer, scribed and masked off the stripes




Then sprayed on some Dupli Color Metalcast red


Masked off everything but the center and sprayed the Metalcast blue



Masked off the star..


And viola!

Thanks for the kind words everyone! He was very happy with it. My biggest fear now is coming home and finding it stuck in the wall because he tried to throw it like the "real" Captain America :eek:
billyp said:
Thanks for the kind words everyone! He was very happy with it. My biggest fear now is coming home and finding it stuck in the wall because he tried to throw it like the "real" Captain America :eek:
Ha. I was going to ask if it could do that.
I'm afraid it could. If he managed to miss a stud, it would go right into the drywall...how deep? Depends how mad he is I guess ;)
Can't recall if I posted this or not... drew these up a few weeks ago and cut a couple on the CNC laser. didn't do much beyond that except hang one on the wall.

The other day I cut a full sheet. Got 12 of them. 30" tall, 12" wide, .113 thick. Weigh about 4lbs a piece. Threw some on Facebook and sold all but 4 the first day. Thinking about doing another sheet and having them powder coated.



EDIT: oops, looks like I did post them. Sorry for the repost. http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=57318.135
Fuel pump swap on older sons truck.


Also repaired what we thought was a leaky heater hose. Turned out it was a cracked fitting.

After fighting with ineffective specialty tool to remove the old/broken fitting, I gave it a "fuck you" removal with a propane torch and an old flathead screwdriver.
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