why keep it normal 78 goldwing slow build...

Redbird said:
A Rat Goldwing? Have you seen Dutra's "El Guapo"?
He's a member here, although MIA for a while now.


Man I love that bike.

Really like the goldwing builds - enjoying your one too
Well,....I hope I dont mess it up and let you down! You guys build great bikes here, I'm broke and have very little tools, time and experience.....sure is fun though.
Slow and steady, reworked the rear a bit, still need plate steel so I can gusset and attach shocks....hopefully picking up fabric for the seat today, then I can pick a color for the tank...por15 it...then paint it. Then....the fun stuff....electronics!

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cbrianroll said:
Well,....I hope I dont mess it up and let you down!
Not possible! Just making it happen and making your ride your own is what it's all about I think 8)
No funds or time lately....did get my seat cover material though lol. Now I need foam...

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Carpet padding (that multi-color bonded foam) built up layer at a time bonded to the pan and between layers with 3M 80 spray contact cement and shaped with an electric carving knife works real well.
Yup, did that on my kz550 with a sharpened sawzall blade. Gonna call the carpet guy tomorrow who comes out to our development...hopefully he'll be out soon. I also have a piece of marine padding that is gel/memory foam like....kinda...that I may try to use.

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This project is not motivating for whatever reason. But since I got the other parts bike I figure I need to get to it. Phase one of seat pan started....still don't have a really good of tail design, that's probably bad....but it's good to have the wing out of the corner...
Little bits at a time gets it done. Try to not let a day go by that you don't do a little something.
Yep, lots of famy time and first, bikes are second and the 750 has been getting my attention. Energy comes and goes too, Hashimoto's drains me and I have focusing issues....right now it's a lack of imagination for the rear. In time it will come lol...
I think a properly mounted trimmed fender and smaller tail light will look good under that seat pan.
I think a properly mounted trimmed fender and smaller tail light will look good under that seat pan.
And, you can use the stock inner fender and just trim the front of the stock rear off until you get the look you want. Might improve with upholstery, but I'm not a fan of the upsweep on the back there.
That was what I was planning with the fender.
The rear upswept has been bugging me. It actually is rounded to follow the tire shape also. The plan is to add a humpy thingy behind the seat....was going to put the brake light in it and probably mounts for signals. Or I'll cut off and restart lol.
Why not make an integrated luggage bracket out of the upswept piece, and then make the seat a bit smaller, something like this but then flat on the frame.
just an idea.
I forgot about a rack...I had thought about that before...not sure why I bailed on it....time to rethink things.
I was trying to think of a way to make a quick release rack for mine. I don't want it all the time but I do want one sometimes. My buddy has a slick as shit one on his Chieftan Darkhorse and it is great. Throw it on when touring, take it off when not.
Yep it just slips into hidden brackets then locks with his key. Unlock and pull and it is back off. $37k will get you that LOL
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