why keep it normal 78 goldwing slow build...

Didnt use this headlight bracket on the cb...thought I'd try it here...hows the position look to you?
Maybe leave it as is for now and focus on the rest of the build. Perhaps it’s spot on right now but we can’t ‘see’ it...
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Was gonna use just single speedo....
And thoughts on rear cowl thingy....too flat? Was thinking of squaring it off like the tank so it's not curved? Was going to have it sloped to the rear a little, mustard moved while taping...

before you do, put the fender up under and add some padding to the seat area and see, it may all go together nicely.
Yeah, I need to try a few things, it's been an odd one for me...I'm used to flatter seats..and I didnt want the tire to rub...could always make a hard tail lol
Ended up cutting off the end...it was annoying.
Wife got some free foam for my seat at a yard sale...gets an "A" for effort lol.
Thoughtful of her, but that will be too soft. The easy to find thing is rebond carpet padding. Better with it chopped off, yes.
I think we had carpet installers in a job Friday and Sat. Checking tomorrow. If not home depot has some small sizes available.
nice new look to the back end of your bike.
what kind of rear light are you using? small one on top of the rear fender?
I agree that the bent frame is really hard to get your head around in terms of flowing lines. It looks as if the rear top tubes drop down slightly compared to the front top tubes under the tank. If that is the case, you could replace those tubes to make them straight all the way to the shock. That would leave the upwards part under the seat hump and a whole lot less visible.

Another trick I saw on one very orange GoldWing was they raised the seat rails to to a normal height and hid the transition where they dropped down to the main frame loop.

The usual solution is to fit a seat with deep enough sides to cover the frame rails and hide the steps.
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It appears that you have removed the stamped section and replaced it with a hoop to help slim her rather generous butt appearance. A rear shot would confirm that. For reference, here is a stock '78 frame:
Looks a little wonky but it lighting, shadows, dirt, etc....the hoop is only pressed in A.T.M. while I decide what I'm doing again lol.
It's quite a bit slimmer...more comfy...
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