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    Current build

    Awsome work man! Very cool.
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    FS: Uni filters for CB350/360

    Hi Chewy. I might be interested. Gonna go pick up my CB350 this weekend from storage and bring it back home to work on it. Could you post pics please. Thanks man.
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    Round TWO! CB350 time

    For 250, doesn't look tired at all!
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    To trade, or not to trade....

    Keep the van!
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    Range Rover Runs Down Bikers in N.Y.

    Agreed. There must have been a few good guys there. But all it takes is a few rotten apples to spoil the whole bunch. And back to your earlier question about the biker's face, it's cause they wear those stupid eggshell german soldier novelty hemets. Makes them look real cool!
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    Range Rover Runs Down Bikers in N.Y.

    I was born and raised in Washington Heights, the place this all went down. I have seen first hand how some of these "thugs" behave. They ride like animals, with absolutely no respect for anyone, including themselves. Im not saying that the RR was innocent of any wrong doing, but I'd have done...
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    '76 CB550F Survivor: Preservation vs. Restoration

    It's beautiful. Leave it as is! What a find. Im envious!!! LOL
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    Am I getting a good deal??? HELP!

    What happened to the stock pipes in the first pictures?
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    Am I getting a good deal??? HELP!

    that is a great deal! That bike looks mint. And ditto what the other guys said. Way too nice to cut up. Enjoy it.
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    Need Opinion on helmet

    Torc route 66 all day long and any day of the week!
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    NYC meets up...

    Cool man. Im on northern blvd and corporal kennedy st. We are neighbors. Ive seen a guy on craigslist called moto dr. or something like that. $75 an hour and he comes to you. Also saw a couple others like that. What do you think? Im always kinda skeptical of craigslist.
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    NYC meets up...

    Hey man. How are you? Im in Bayside Queens. Im actually having electrical issues with my CB350F. Do you know anyone in the area?? Thanks man. Lets ride sometime!
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    78 CB750F Super Sport - $800

    If I had space and money I'd take it in a heartbeat! Im in Queens.
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