bought! now a project!

Re: bought! now a project!

Hey guys so I found some Guy local that is willing to help me adjust my valves and set the timing. And let me tell you it was a pain! Lol.

These motors are soooooo heavy dam near gave myself a hernia!

And there was a lot water in the frame. I managed to get most of it out. who knows how long its been sitting.

And the sprocket area looks like a mess! There needs to be some serious cleaning to be done.

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Hey guys im back. It sure has been awhile. Been busy with school, But im plan on picking up mikexs wheels. im planning on picking up the 2.15x18 36 spoke shouldered aluminum rim, i emailed him and asked him what spokes should I order with these and he said, "The rim that you ordered will work on your Honda CB350, but we do not make a spoke kit for that bike." does anyone know where i can get spokes for the rim so they would fit the cb350?

also a quick updated. i got the frame to bare metal, primed and painted it, got the engine degreased as well as I could, and bought a wiring harness from spark moto. Pretty much all I need to do to get the bike running is get parts which i am currently saving up for.

list of things i plan to buy

rims, spokes, tires
throttle cable
brake cable
sprocket and chain
rearsets (I need help on suggestions, I dont want to spend hundreds of dollars on this)
clip on handle bars
triple tree ball bearings
seat ( for this idk if i should get a seat loop or just leave it cut without a loop)
tail lights ( plan on making a led strip
and maybe think of a way to hide a battery tray under seat
I dont like the look of cafe seat so im planning to have a seat like the brat style one.

also for carbs, i plan to dish out on a mikuni in the end after everything is settled, my old cb350 original carbs are busted.

If anyone has any suggestions on parts and where to buy them that would be awesome. and any pointers on anything.

I will post pictures of this when i get home from school to show you guys some updated pictures of the build. not much is different just cleaned engine and panted frame.
bought! now a project!

Hey guys I put the frame back on the bike finally. I still need to get spacer bushings for the mounts. But here are the progress pictures.

just black metallic paint with coat of clear coat. From a can came out nice.

The engine, I like to look rugged so I didn't want to clean it too well or paint it.

If anyone can help me move this to the project section it would be cool.
next step will be to paint the triple tree and front shocks, set up wiring, and order tires, rims, and spokes.

i plan on getting duro hf918 and shinko 712 for tires

mikexs rim

and either ebay or buchanan spokes.
as for the parts i plan on placing most of them from DCC.

anyone have an experience with a 17 front and 36 rear sprocket combo and if they like it?

does the chain work that i might order with the cb350 i heard that the o-ring chains cause chaffing and can damage the motor.


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I use the 17-36 combo and works well for me. A little smoother at highway cruising but still plenty of launch.
That's what I read about the ochains. Not sure what a xchain is. So I guess I shall stick with the standard 520 chain from DCC. Thank you!

Thank you whoever moved my forum to build section :)
imtyson said:
That's what I read about the ochains. Not sure what a xchain is. So I guess I shall stick with the standard 520 chain from DCC. Thank you!

Thank you whoever moved my forum to build section :)

Have you bought a sprocket conversion kit? You want the 530 chain unless you've changed something.
No I haven't bought a sprocket conversion kit yet, but I do plan on using 17 front and 36 rear. Are you saying I should stick too a 530 chain still if I don't change anything else?
Yes. 530 chain is what you need unless you plan to buy 520 sprockets.

They're different widths.
plan on picking up some clip ons that i found for pretty cheap! the are 33mm. anyone have any idea if these would fit? He's going to measure the dimensions for me in the AM. picking them up for around 40 dollars


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Cheap but effect made in China bars. Personally not my thing but many use them on their bikes.
yes definitely for the price its really cheap.

i also plan to do a led strip for my brake and tail running lights. i saw a youtube video that seems to show a good tutorial on diodes, and resistors.

i plan to get a strip of leds from superbright and wire them up once get a rear seat hoop

im not a wiring genius, does anyone know if ill have any complications? from what i read its actually a benefit to run leds opposed to the bulbs for saving voltage. I know that the signal lights will need a relay, since leds dont draw enough juice.
I wish DCC had free shipping again :( my order is going to be close to 400. And shipping is going to be around 70$.... Maybe I shall wait since I'm a broke college student. Once I get all the parts hopefully this bike will be running by summer time :)

I purchased the clip ons and they are actually of pretty good quality. Better than I expected'
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